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The New Unsw Trimester System (commencing 2019)


The New UNSW Trimester System (Commencing 2019)

College Contract Arrangements

New College

Our standard New College contracts will be extended from 38 (to 2018) to 44 (from 2019) weeks to accommodate residents for the extended trimester period.

Although the residency period for 2019 over 2018 will be extended by 16%, the incremental cost is anticipated to be approximately 11%, including an increment for inflation. For our standard contracts, the weekly rate will decrease by about 4%.

With the approval of the Dean, shorter residency periods will be available to strong candidates presenting a valid case.

New College Postgraduate Village

No significant changes in our present NCV contract arrangements are anticipated.

Our present 48 week contract will remain the standard. Cost increases for 2019 will reflect inflation.

Customised contracts to suit all types of study will be available. There will be special consideration for the needs of postgraduate students whose programs may not align with the trimesters. Candidates must apply via admissions to the Dean for a customised contract.

Benefits for undergraduate study

All students are advised to consult their relevant UNSW school authority for up-to-date advice on the management of their proposed program.

The strength of the trimester system is that students will have the flexibility to accelerate their program by at least one additional subject per year.

Students undertaking an accelerated four year degree could potentially carry less than two trimesters of subjects into their fourth year.

Students wishing or required to undertake internships will have a trimester to undertake these without attempting to crowd them into the busy summer holiday period.

Engineering students are required to undertake 60 days industrial training prior to course completion by Engineers Australia. We are awaiting confirmation from UNSW that undertaking industrial training in this way will also qualify as full time study for social security purposes.

Full details are available at

Benefits for Exchange and Study Abroad Students

UNSW is providing a tailored program to fulfil the needs of those coming on exchange to better align with degree programs in the Northern Hemisphere.

Full details are available at under the tab “UNSW3+: New Academic Calendar”