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The Man Who Came To Dinner


The Man Who Came to Dinner

The 2016 New College play, The Man Who Came to Dinner, was held on 5th-7th May. Written by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart’s, the production marked the 23rd play by New College in a proud and long history of dramatic excellence. 

Set in 1930s, this three-act satire tells the story of the upper-class Stanley family living in Messali, Ohio. After their dinner guest and famous radio personality Sheridan White injures himself on their front steps he is confined to a wheelchair in their home. What ensures is a hilarious story of the havoc Mr Whiteside wreaks upon the poor Stanley family and the small town of Messalia in this hilarious tale of romance, family drama and escalating mayhem. As the world of arts collides with the small town community, the show combines an amusing mix of oddball character colliding with hollywood star, bizarre professors and even an axe murderer.

Stacked with cracking one-liners, there were numerous highlights in the play including a beautiful set, excellent hair, make up and costumes and a meticulous assortment of props ranging from an Egyption mummy, to a cockroach city and even a crate of penguins. More than 250 people attended the evening in an entertaining atmosphere that had the audience laughing for hours. 

With 13 subcommittees working to construct and design the set, organise costumes, props, hair and makeup, technical equipment, backstage, front of house, promotion, fundraising and live band performances, the college community was on hand to ensure the production lived up to the high quality expected of New College plays. Each and every one can be proud of what they achieved and help create. None more so, though, than the directors Mirren McGuire and Josh Green and producers Annabelle Thorn and Henry O'Callaghan.

The show also included a large and talented cast of 20 with:

  • Ben Spratt – Sheridan Whiteside
  • Nicola Illiadis – Maggie Cutler
  • Thomas Capell-Hattam – Bert Jefferson
  • James Nicol – Mr. Ernest Stanley
  • Lauren Sullivan – Mrs Daisy Stanley
  • Hayley Morris – Lorraine SheldonJosh Green, Mirren McGuire, Annabelle Thorne and Henry O'Callaghan
  • Ryan Milham – Richard Stanley
  • Emily Blanch – June Stanley
  • Nivetha Ramkumar – Miss Preen
  • Jacqueline Willing – Harriet Stanley
  • Dan Unger – John (the Butler)
  • Bri Watts – Sarah (the cook)
  • James Hughes – Dr. Bradley
  • Benjamin Phelps – Professor Metz
  • Tom Von Stieglitz – Sandy
  • Daniel Larratt – Beverly Carlton
  • Michael Tran – Banjo
  • Alexis O’Connor – Mrs Dexter
  • Emily Trigge – Mrs McCutcheon
  • John Ryan – Convict

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