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The Basement


The Basement

Scripting and staging a university revue is no small feat. New College is the only residential institution on campus at UNSW to produce an annual revue, and the entire production is the work of New Collegians. Every year the scripts are original, or at the very least clever send ups of existing material, with a main sequence plus a myriad of other sketches, dances, musical performances and movies, which are sometimes vaguely related to the title of the Revue. The 2010 New College Revue was titled The Basement. Directed by Rex Cover and Sam Trotman, the main sequence was presented as if it were a reality TV show, in which five strangers are forced to live under meager circumstances in a dingy basement. New Collegians Felicity Fletcher, Patrick Hoy, Amy Pratten, James Tibbett and Tom Wright convincingly portrayed their dysfunctional caricature roles as the contestants in The Basement. The New College Revue Film, Unlimited Adventure Ltd, was directed by George Davis, Nathan Milham and Crystal Moran. The epic car (and college bus) chases, armed hold-ups, quasi mafia attacks and pleasant morning teas were acted with inestimable bravado by New Collegians Claire-Elise Green, Tom Lucena, Adam Teusner, Sam Trotman and Matthew Zaidan.