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Super-average Man


Super-Average Man

Super Average Man - A New Aged Hero

On 24–26 August 2006, the New College Super Average Man – A New Aged Hero included 35 items built around a thematic group of skits featuring the adventures of Super Average Man (played by Robert Gerrand). As well as skits, the production included musical interludes, choir performances (an overview of different Colleges’ activities to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody) and voiceovers all written and performed by members of the NCSA. Many of the skits were written by Albert Orr, Andrew Fist, Ian Moss and Andrew Emery.

Directors – Albert Orr and Andrew Fist
Producers – Sarah Zardawi and Jenny Radford
Band conductor – Rebekah Milham
Choir master – Jonathan Barnett
Sound, Lighting & Video – Chris Bailey

In all, there were 130 people who assisted in the production as a whole.