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The annual New College Revue is a significant fixture in the cultural & social life of the University of NSW. The Revue revisits the key events and personalities of the year both in College, the University and the world at large, offering an amusing and satirical look at events and personalities.

The New College Revue is the longest running annual revue of its kind on campus having its origins in the annual productions of “Garden Night” and “April Fool’s Night” which began in 1971. The original productions were the brainchild of the first Dean of the College Dr Phil Grouse who saw in these productions the possibility for greater artistic expression within the College. Through the decade of the ‘70’s these productions were fused into one which became a celebration of musical talent and the opportunity for residents to put together satirical skits and perform them before other members of the College, the University and the broader public.

The New College Revue is produced, directed and performed by the current residents each year. The Revue revisits the key events and personalities of the year both in College and the world at large, offering an amusing and satirical look at what has happened. It requires the work of at least 100 Collegians writing, editing, filming, acting, singing, dancing, producing and directing, back-stage work and front of house.

2017 - Kim "Anything Is" Possible (Directors: Hannah Beiboer & Evie Friedrich; Producers: Grace James & Julia Cooper)
2016 - False Hood: A New Nottingham (Directors: Theodore Jolliffe & Jacqueline Willing; Producers: Laura Heydon & Kevin Jacob)
2015 - Meanwhile Backstage (Directors: Hayley Morris & Ryan Milham; Producers: Taylah Reynolds & Michael King)
2014- Dave. (Directors: Rowan Thambar & Dominica Roebuck; Producers: Alex McKenzie & Amelia Bates)
2013- Clued Inn (Directors: James Heydon & Kenan Milham; Producers: Rachel Higgisson & Lucy McMullen)
2012- Rules of the Game (Directors: Shreosi Deb & Grace Bennett; Producers: Joel Sercombe & Damien Wang)
2011- The Man with the Golden Pun (Directors: Ross Willing & Andrew Hay; Producers: Sam Bates & Dan Atkins)
2010- The Basement (Directors: Samuel Trotman & Rex Cover; Producers: Michael Riordan, Bridget Oakley & Chris Farley)
2009 – Dante’s Office (Directors: George Davis & Nathan Milham; Producers: Samuel Ison & Dhiva Eliezer)
2008 - Bad Boys VII: The Streets of Kingsford (Directors: Edward Bird and Ed Kearney; Producers: Josh Yen and Iromi Karunatillake)
2007 - Apocalypse New (Directors: Pete Thompson and Tom Sorrenson; Producers Leigh Cummins and Alice Lang)
2006 - Super-Average Man: A New Age Hero (Directors: Albert Orr and Andrew Fist; Producers: Sarah Zardawi and Claire Lawley)
2005 - Dr New (Directors: Fiona Goggins, Heather Champion; Producers: Guy Inder and Brendan Da Costa)
2004 – 004 – Licence to Thrill (Directors: Susan Perry and Tom Pryor; Producers: Kate Andison and Kim Scruton)
2003 – Gangs of New College (Directors: Susannah Frith and Amy Morrison; Producers: Dan Morris and Julia Markwell)
2002 – The New Action Hero: In Search of a Prequel (Directors: Liz Lardie, David Winterton and Michael van Bergen; Producers: Bonne Eggleston and Alex Gillies)
2001 – Newlin Rouge (Director: Gavin Uncle; Producers: Ben Lavis and Nick Woolrych)
2000 - Mission-Impossible: New (M:I-New) (Directed & Produced by Mike Allen, Ben Stonehouse and Tim Baitch)
1999 – Title Tbc
1998 – Title Tbc
1997 – Newthanasia
1996 – Innewendo (Directors: Pete Butchatsky, Shane Pegg, James Vickery and Grant Mitchell; Producers: Lou Warner and Rebecca Prince)
1995 – Ecstacy Max (Stephen Cornelius, Nathan Jones, Andrew Burger)
1994 – Newvana (Directors: Andrew Ritchie, Rob Johnson and Nathan Jones; Producers: Phil Nobes and Amanda Kerr)
1993 – Newrosis
1992 – Title Tbc (Directors: David England and Danny Williams)
1991 – Excuse me Madam, your dog’s about to cry (Directors: Phil Crossfield, Jane Buttsworth, Harry Turner)
1990 – New 2: Rabble and Scum
1989 – What’s Gnu? (name change from Garden Night to New College Revue) (Directors: Craig Johnston, Graeme Craft, Producers: Sarah Swainston and Steven Blackburn)
1988 – Midsession Night’s Scream (Directors: Tim Nelson, Sandra Lim and Meredith McLaine)
1987 – A Room within New (Directors: Lisa Cunial, Warren Armstrong and Kim Sides)
1986 – Abstinence Boulevard (Diretors: Tim Nelson, Liz Mackson, Adrian Johnson)
1985 – New Clear Summit (Directors: Chris Sherm and Al James)
1984 – Review (Director: Milan Michael and committee)
1983 – Dam Foreign Aids (Directors: Andrew Fisher, Doug Thost)
1981 – Shaming of the New
1978 – Oh No! Not New again (Directors: Tony Leece, Phil Campbell and Chris McKeith)
1977 – And now for something completely New (Director: Mark Darby, Producer Jeff Barnes – interesting to note they had an MC for these nights as well) and April Fool’s Night
1976 – What’s New (Director: David Brown; Producer: Grant Lockart) and April Fool’s Night
1975 - Malam Lagu Dan Taridra and April Fool’s Night
1974 – Really New (Director: Phil Grouse; Producer: Paul Robinson)
1973 – Let’s Join In (Director: Peter Bloomfield)
1972 – Garden Night (Director: Daniel Kwok)
1970 – First Garden Night (Director: Dr Russel Clark) and April Fool’s Night