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New College Village

New College Village (NCV) is the University of New South Wales’ first residential community designed to be ideal for postgraduate and undergraduate students and researchers. NCV shares its name and similar ideals to that of New College at UNSW (which founded the NCV). This in turn takes its name in part from the original New College established at Oxford University in 1379. New College Village, like its counterparts, is a place concerned about the intellectual, social and spiritual development of its residents. It is a place that seeks to make a difference to people’s lives and instil a love for life-long learning and openness to the ideas of others.

NCV is a community of over 315 people living and learning together. All are involved in one way or another with study or research at the University of New South Wales or its related institutions. It exist to encourage academic commitment in every possible way. NCV aims to maintain higher academic standards than those generally required in the university. It is a community of people marked by openness to each other’s area of study and activities.

The college is founded on Christian faith and values and seeks to provide care and support consistent with this faith. However, we accept residents of all faiths (and none) and encourage open dialogue about beliefs and worldviews. There is no religious test to gain entry to NCV .

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