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Each year, New College puts on a dramatic production in first semester. Often it is a play, and sometimes a musical. College Plays and Musicals are a great chance for the College community to come together to produce something great. Whether on-stage or off, there are many ways for Collegians to get involved. In recent years, New College has performed: 

2006 - The Pirates of Penzance - Arthur Sullivan & W.S. Gilbert  (Directors: Emily Appleton & Jeremy Provan; Producers: John Williams & Elise Zarimis)

2009 - Kiss Me Kate – Cole Porter (Directors: Sarah Perkins  & Sam Hilde; Musical Director: Luke Iredale; Producers: Damon Booth  & Abbie-Grace Tomlin)

2011 - I Love You Because – Ryan Cunningham & Joshua Salzman (Directors: Crystal Moran & Edward Reeve; Musical Director: Mark Gilmour; Producers: Tom Ness & Belinda Williams)

2013 - Little Shop of Horrors  Alan Menken & Howard Ashman (Directors: Elisabeth Hatcher & Chloe Oastle; Producers: Laura Butterworth & Andrew Hay)

2015 -  Lucky Stiff  -  Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty (Directors: Sam Kellahan & Lauren Sullivan; Producers: Madeline Hopkins & Scarlett Stemler)

Musicals 2006 Musicals 2009
Musicals 2010 Cast