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Music Facilities


Music Facilities

The musical traditions of New College are as diverse as they are deep. Deeper than purple swirling clouds in violet haze set on a paint palette of blue and grey, in fact. No matter what your musical orientation, it will be valued at New College! Each year there are a handful of New College residents who formally study a Bachelor of Music at the University of New South Wales. However, many of our residents play one or more musical instruments. Others are inspired by the musical talent in the community and decide to begin learning while they are living at New College. There are many outlets for musicians to utilize their skills at New College.

Every year the residents produce at least two major productions. Usually this will be a play or a full-scale musical and the annual New College Revue. More often than not these productions call for a band or small orchestra and sometimes a choir. In some years the College Choir also performs at New College Formal Dinners and tours local nursing homes. Band Night competitions are held once each semester and there are plenty of occasions for residents to form bands that provide the entertainment at college social events. Some residents volunteer to be part of the music teams at College Services.

There are usually a significant number of classically trained musicians living at College. Some of these residents play in the UNSW Orchestra, the UNSW Chamber Orchestra, the UNSW Wind Band or the UNSW Big Band. Some residents sing in the one of the UNSW choirs.

Residents are allowed to practice instruments in their rooms, providing they are considerate about the volume of their playing, other residents studying and the time of day. It is, however, preferable that musicians book the Pollard Room, which is a designated rehearsal space for musicians. The Pollard Room includes an electric piano and space for drums, guitarists and other instrumentalists to practice their instruments or rehearse as a group. An upright piano is located outside the Pollard Room and is available for anyone to use. A seven foot grand- piano is also available for use by pianists. It is located in Main Common Room. The locked grand-piano can be booked at reception or by contacting the Resident Advisor on-duty during after-hours and on weekends.