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Meanwhile Backstage


Meanwhile Backstage

The 2015 revue Meanwhile Backstage, followed the backstage interactions between a crazy Frenchman, star-crossed lovers, an intimidating macho man, a disillusioned COFA student and a classic dropkick within the hour preceding a performance. Directors, Ryan Milham and Hayley Morris, and producers, Taylah Reynolds and Michael King, assembled a talented cast and sub-comittees to ensure the audience was left in stiches. As usual the performances combined dramatic theatre, film, dance, musical performances and skits.

The three performances from September 3rd-5th were well attended by New College family, friends and alumni.

“Revue was really good. In fact, it was exactly what I remember a revue being back in my college days. Except now the in-jokes go over my head and I realise how old I have become. One thing doesn't change though; the sneaky spotlight on Trevor's never gets old.” David Hicks (NC 2009-11)

“NC Revue 2015 did not disappoint. The directors and writers did a great job of setting up creative and witty sketches. Each scene had just the right balance of dry humour, cheesy puns, and digs at pretty much every faculty at UNSW. The music and dances were super and I loved it all!” Dhanurja Eliezer (NC 2009-2012)