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Leave It To Psmith


Leave it to Psmith

The 2012 New College Play was the classic 1930's English comedy Leave it to Psmith by P.G. Woodhouse, which Wodehouse adapted with from his comic novel with the help of Ian Hay. The play follows the charming and intrepid Ronald Eustace Psmith (the ‘P’ is silent). He enters the hilarious world of Blanding’s Castle, a place full to bursting with dashing gentleman, stolen umbrellas, diamond necklaces, false identities, young ladies to woo, mothers-in-law to deceive, psuspicious psecretaries to outwit and criminals to foil.

A cast of 16 New Collegians performed their roles brilliantly to large crowds who came to the three performances on 3-5 May.  All the actors developed and maintained their characters well, the timing of their delivery was and a high level of exuberance kept the audience engaged and laughing throughout. The huge team of Collegians responsible for the set, costumes, make-up, design, set-construction and props all contributed to a story very well told. The standards played as background and scene change music by a live jazz band gave the performance an authentic 1930’s feel.

Directors: Adam Teusner & Brittany Richardson

Producers: Jordan Stewart & Matthew Cork