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I Love You Because


I Love You Because

While much of College thought the next musical would be a long way off, Kiss Me Kate veterans Crystal Moran and Ed Reeve couldn’t get past the idea of staging another one. In their own words: “College needs to know that it has the talent to pull this off without Sarah Perkins, Sam Hile and Luke Iredale.” The show in question was “I Love You Because”, a comedy of modern-day romance set in New York, with lyrics by Ryan Cunningham and music by Joshua Salzman. Upon discovering it, the two directors were instantly attracted to the witty musical numbers and the loveably flawed characters.











     Above: The four lead actors - Jessica Murray, Thom Finnerty, Felicity Fletcher & Nathan Jamieson… all medical students. 

Of course, with neither of the directors able to play an instrument (and barely able to sight read) it was going to be a challenge. They set about enlisting College’s most talented actors, dancers, singers, and musicians, and before anyone knew it, rehearsals were underway. The performers practiced up to three times a week, learning lines, movement, music and choreography, alongside the infinitely gifted (and unfailingly patient) rehearsal pianist Sixuan Lin, with help from vocal coach Liz Stern. With the invaluable assistance of producers Tom and Belinda, the books were always balanced and the subcommittees were always busy. The two managed the impressive feat of turning a substantial profit from what was an expensive production which brought together artists, craftspeople, light and sound technicians and a host of Collegians eager to get involved wherever they could.

Over the three nights, in front of some hundreds of people, all the effort proved worth it. The New College community had demonstrated, once again, that it could do anything it set its collective efforts towards.

Comments from Alumni:

Compliments to the wonderfully capable production team, the outstanding orchestra, and the excellent individual performers. It was a crisp, well-directed show... I was delighted to be in the audience. In addition, as someone who loves teaching students in our Medicine program, it was a pleasant surprise for me to discover that so many medical students were involved! - Professor Rakesh Kumar (New Collegian 1978-1979)


Directors: Crystal Moran and Ed Reeve

Producers: Belinda Williams and Thomas Ness

Band Director: Mark Gilmour