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From The Master

A/Prof Bill PeirsonWelcome to New College at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia - a residential college providing accommodation at UNSW. Since its inception, New College has always sought to be much more than a place to live. New is a rich community in which outstanding young men and women can learn and enrich one another’s lives. You can study, eat and sleep in any apartment building or hall of residence, but New College is much more than that. The founders of the College recognised that university education should offer more than just a degree or qualification. This is why the mission of New College stresses that the intent of community life is to seek collegiality, academic excellence and service to society, founded on Christian faith and values. New Collegians do very well academically. But they also look for ways to make a difference to the world through service to others. This begins in the way we support one another and contribute to community life, but it extends to impact on campus life and our interest in our wider world.

Research in the social sciences is littered with significant findings that show how one person can make a difference to your life: a teacher, a parent or caregiver, a mentor, a coach, a close friend, a youth group leader. Our aim within the College is to build a community whose members have positive influences on each other’s lives. The New College community provides a network of relationships enabling connectedness and a sense of belonging. The academic support and pastoral care systems reflect the fact that welfare and growth of students is at the core of College life. We contribute to each other’s lives.

Great universities of the world do more than simply deliver degrees; they inspire and transform their students into lifelong learners. As well, they produce research and scholarship that has an influence for good in the world, solving problems, creating new forms of technology, enriching the arts, informing social and economic policy and so on. New College exists to serve the University of New South Wales, particularly its students. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the University and its students. We see it as a privilege to offer opportunities for students from all over the world to experience the unique life that New College offers. Why don’t you consider joining us?

A/Prof Bill Peirson