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Dante's Office


Dante's Office

The 2009 Revue was another successful production that again displayed the many and varied talents existing within the College community (according to one current Collegian “the funniest Revue I’ve ever seen!”). Dante’s Office focused on a central theme of what Hell would look like as a corporate business. The main sequence starred Stephanie Crosthwaite as the devil and Tim Graham, Ed Reeve, Zoe Stephenson and Tom Milthorpe as her staff. George Davis and Nathan Milham directed the Revue bringing to it their own distinctive sense of humour. Interspersed amongst the skits were musical items performed by the Revue Band led by Pete Orenstein featuring Joe Grisold on vocals and Luke Iredale on guitar. Ed Kearney directed the movie starring Ross Willing. Dance was also a big part of the Revue with the different dance sequences featuring 39 dancers on stage. As with previous Revues, over a hundred people took part in the production as part of the cast, choir, dances, the Revue movie, costumes, backstage, publicity, artistic design, props, hair and make up, set construction, technical support and stage design.

Directors – George Davis and Nathan Milham
Producers – Dhiva Eliezer and Sam Ison