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In 2008, the NCSA produced a new version of Cosi by Louis Nowra (having produced Cosi for the first time in 1999). The play recounts the story of an eccentric group of people who come together, in spite of their various mental illnesses and emotional hang ups, to perform an opera worthy of applause. The 2008 production brought a great deal of fun and entertainment to residents and visitors who attended over the three nights of production. This full scale production was a great success incorporating a cast of 11, a band of 12 and a crew of more than 60 people responsible for backstage, set design, technical, makes up, costumes, props, set design/construction, publicity and front of house. Amongst the audiences were alumni who thoroughly enjoyed the comedic performances delivered by the cast. The Directors were Kate Chiofalo and Roger Merzian and the Producers were Sarah Eglinton and Chao Qiao.