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College Sports


College Sports


Inter-College Sport

Inter-College Sport is organised for residents by the Sports Directors of the New College Students’ Association. Team and individual sporting competitions are run between seven colleges of the University of New South Wales. Each year the UNSW colleges fight it out for trophy honours in each sport category. These include:

  • Men’s Rugby Union Competition and Women’s Exhibition Match
  • Men’s Rugby League Gala and Women’s Exhibition Match
  • Touch Football Gala Day – Men/Women/Mixed events
  • Hockey Competition – Men/Women events
  • Netball Competition – Men/Women/Mixed events
  • Soccer Competition – Men/Women events
  • Basketball Competition – Men/Women events
  • Tennis Competition – Men/Women/Mixed events
  • Squash Competition – Men/Women/Mixed events
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Cross Country Carniva
  • Volleyball Gala
  • AFL Gala
  • Ultimate Frisbee – Men/Women events

Success in each competition contributes to how the College ranks in the UNSW Inter-College Premiership (Men’s, Women’s and overall categories). In 2010 New Collegians won the following Inter-College competitions:

  • Women’s Hockey
  • Men’s Hockey
  • Men’s Netball
  • Women’s touch football
  • Women’s Ultimate Frisbee
  • Men’s Ultimate Frisbee

College Sports Union

Social Sport and Recreation

New College residents regularly participate in sports on a social level ranging from pool, snooker, darts, table tennis, cricket and soccer. On occasion, the sports directors will organise a friendly tournament between New Collegians. A large number of residents participate in a social touch-football competition on a weekly basis. Various subcommittees of the New College Students’ Association organise recreational activities such as hikes, an annual ski trip, fishing trips, kayaking trips and bike rides.

Quinno Cup

The Quinno Cup occurs twice each year during the study vacation leading up to exams. College groups compete against each other in a designated sport, until only two college groups remain for the finals. The Quinno Cup is a fun way to help maintain residents’ sanity at the most stressful times of the year.

The Walker Challenge Cup – For Sporting Competitions between Freshers and Oldies

The most famous of the Walker Challenges is the Annual Freshers vs. Oldies Rugby Union game held in the early part of First Semester. Oldies have never lost this prestigious event. Other Walker Challenges include Freshers vs. Oldies Cricket Carnival and Fresher vs. Oldies soccer games.