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Christian Lectures


Christian Lectures

While New College is founded on Christian principles as a Christian college on Sydney’s UNSW campus, New College has always accepted residents of diverse or no faith.

This combination of religious values, academia and discussing issues relating to faith with the wider community has found its place in CASE, the college’s Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education.

Christian lectures, seminars and conferences on a range of themes are carried out throughout the year, both for residents through student groups and for the wider community through CASE and the New College Lectures .


Apologetics is the practice of defending the Christian faith through engaging with other world views and attracting ‘thinking’ people to the message of the Church. CASE equips believers to understand their faith and talk about it creatively and intelligently.

CASE also provides an open, intellectual environment in which non-Christian enquirers and sceptics can seek and obtain meaningful input about the relevance of faith in their lives. 

The relevance of the Church in areas of modern life has been a particular focus for CASE. Recent Christian lectures and seminars for the public have focused on diverse areas, from faith in popular culture to ethics in science. Past events include:

  • Humans and Machines – a conference on the human spirit in the technological age
  • CS Lewis Today – an international conference on the life, works and beliefs of the renowned writer
  • Medical Ethics: Christian Perspectives on Life and Death – a conference focusing on the biblical approach to medical ethics
  • The Problem of Evil – a short course considering perspectives on why God allows suffering
  • Theology and the Future – a Christian lecture series on understanding the influence of God in understanding the past, present and future
  • Music, Modernity and God – a lecture series considering the role of God in inhibiting or giving rise to creativity and freedom of expression
  • Church and State – an exploration of the relevance of faith to politics, with views presented by both politicians and theologians

For more information on upcoming events, visit the CASE website .


A Christian College on Campus

The Christian college Fellowship co-ordinates a range of activities, from informal, ongoing meetings to lectures and events. Some of the events organised by the Fellowship include bible study sessions , meetings, training and weekends away with visiting speakers.

There are also fortnightly informal Christian college services , organised by the Dean of Residents and the Student Fellowship.

Through this emphasis on faith, New College has developed a strong focus on Service to Society , with many residents regularly involved in community service and fundraising programs.

Become part of an open yet values-based community – apply today for a place at New College, or contact us for more information.