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Case Conferences


CASE Conferences

The Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education (CASE) aims to:

  • Help people understand and respond to direct challenges to Christianity
  • Provide Christian comment on societal trends, popular and intellectual culture
  • Inform about areas of potential conflict between Christianity and the world
  • Encourage Christians to engage thoughtfully in life and the world

Part of how CASE achieves these aims is through public lectures, seminars and conferences.

2004 – Humans and Machines

2005 – God and the Family

2006 – CS Lewis Today

2007 – Human Need and Christian Care

2007 – The Faithful Writer

2009 – Medical Ethics: Christian Perspectives on Life and Death

2012 – Imagining the Kingdom: On Christian Discipleship and Action

2012 – Education as Formation

2015 – Powerful Words