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Bad Boys Vii


Bad Boys VII

Bad Boys VII - The Streets of Kingsford

The 2008 Revue was a well polished production displaying the many and varied talents existing within the College community. It was highly acclaimed by Collegians, staff, alumni and visitors alike. The main sequence of Bad Boys VII, The Streets of Kingsford, inspired by the war on drugs, followed the two leads Andrew Harris and Joe Grisold as they delved into the Kingsford underworld and crossed continents in search of “that stuff that’s screwing up all the kids.”

Exemplary performances were given by the supporting cast to create a comic depiction of our nearby suburban streets. The main sequence was supported by a wide range of skits delving into diverse topics (featuring members of the New College staff on a number of different occasions!). Skits were accompanied by dance items, a performance by the College choir and individual items with backing from the 12 piece band. A number of the sketches had some good-natured fun with the staff, including two that featured the Master and Board as well as the New College Village. The Directors were pleased to see that the Master loved the sketches and that he has a sense of humour. The Master is yet to announce his detailed plans for the establishment of New College Asia or the status of the DA process for the Skybridge which will connect the new building to the old. This year’s Revue was an all round success and a credit to the New College community.