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Apocalypse New


Apocalypse New

The New College Annual Revue is a significant fixture in the cultural & social life of the University of NSW. The Revue revisits the key events and personalities of the year both in College, the University and the world at large, offering an amusing and satirical look at events and personalities.

The New College Revue is the longest running annual revue of its kind on campus having its origins in the annual productions of “Garden Night” and “April Fool’s Night” which began in 1971. The original productions were the brainchild of the first Dean of the College Dr Phil Grouse who saw in these productions the possibility for greater artistic expression within the College. Through the decade of the ‘70’s these productions were fused into one which became a celebration of musical talent and the opportunity for residents to put together satirical skits and perform them before other members of the College, the University and the broader public.

In 2007 the 33rd New College Revue 2007 Apocalypse 'New' took its audience on a journey through the battle fields of Vietnam, along the streets of Kingsford, passing by the studios of ABC radio and a Russian bar, with a short stop at the office of New College and many other places in between. The audience were treated to a feast of talent prepared by New Collegians, spanning many fields such as dance, music, theatre, stand-up comedy and some… less common art forms.

Apocalypse 'New' included 26 items built around a thematic group of skits featuring the adventures of a group of soldiers in the fields of Vietnam. As well as comedic skits, the production included musical interludes, choir performances (an overview of Labor leader Kevin Rudd’s meteoric rise to the top of Australian political life to the tune of ‘What the world need’s now” (Is Rudd!) by Matt Schiller was memorable) and voiceovers all written and performed by members of the College.

New College Revue 2007 Apocalypse 'New' 23rd – 25th August, 2007

Directors – Peter Thompson and Thomas Sorrenson
Producers – Alice Lang and Leigh Cummins
Band conductor – Richard Tierney
Choir master – Jonathan Billingham
Tech (Sound and Lighting) – Matthew Grosvenor and team
Set Construction – Jay Davey and Nathan Symonds
Props – Solomon Le Masurier and Madeline Sutton
Makeup – Alice Williams and team
Costumes – Sally O’Neill, Solomon Le Masurier and Naomi Earle
Backstage – Scott Parlett and team
Logo and Hoodie Design – Nicole Orenstein
Banner – Sally O’Neill
Front of House/Publicity – Emily Rumble and Monisha Dhami, and team

In all, there were more than 160 people who assisted in all aspects of the production.