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The Man With The Golden Pun


The Man With the Golden Pun

With outstanding musical performances, fabulous dances, and entertaining skits, the New College Revue for 2011 continued to highlight the many and varied talents that exist within the College Community. Directed by Andrew Hay and Ross Willing, “The Man with the Golden Pun” comprised of a colourful array of items built around a thematic group of skits featuring the story of an average man thrust into the thrilling life of a spy.

Starring Adam Teusner, Tom Lucena, Shashenka Withanage, and Paul Allan, this exhilarating adventure of Good versus Evil captivated the audiences as Average Matt is sent in by Australian Reconnaissance Spying and Espionage to conquer Dr Van Dietrich’s evil plan and save the day.

The success of a revue is partly measured by the excellence of the musical performances and dances. With Peter Orenstein and Angus MacAuslan as our Musical Directors, and Amy Pratten, Erin Charters and Megan Telford, as our Choreographers, the quality of these aspects on the revue were of a very high standard. With over a hundred people involved from the cast, band, choir, dances, film, costumes, make up, backstage, publicity, artistic design, props, set construction and technical support, the process of it all coming together was a big one, but a good one that the New College Community can proudly look back on.

Directors: Andrew Hay and Ross Willing

Producers: Daniel Atkins and Sam Bates