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Site Map

New College

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/


Living in a residential College is unlike renting in an apartment. New College is vibrant community and when residents are admitted it is as members of the New College community. It is expected that residents will contribute to the life of the College in positive ways, as they are able.... more...

How To Apply

It is easy to apply for admission to live at New College, UNSW. There are many more applicants than available places each year so we recommend applying as soon as you can. There are a number of factors that are considered when assessing prospective residents. These include academic performance, community... more...

Accommodation Options

New College and New College Village (NCV) are residential Colleges for full-time students enrolled at the University of New South Wales and affiliated organisations such as the National Institute for Dramatic Arts (NIDA) and the College of Fine Arts (CoFA).  NCV also has a small number of residents studying at... more...

Admissions FAQs

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/faq/admissions-faqs

NC Fees

New College, UNSW is a not-for-profit organisation and every effort is made to keep fees as affordable as possible. The accommodation fees for New College include all meals and weekly housekeeping. Our standard New College contracts will be extended from 38 (to 2018) to 44 (from 2019) weeks to accommodate... more...

Fees in 2019

  Room Type 44 Week Package Equivalent Weekly Cost With Upfront Payment Standard Room Fully-catered $451 Ensuite Room Fully-catered $507 *Amounts shown are for contracts paid upfront. Understanding Membership of New College Residents at New College do not pay weekly rent, but instead an 'accommodation fee' for 44 weeks’ residence... more...

The New UNSW Trimester System (Commencing 2019)

College Contract Arrangements New College In 2019, the length of our standard New College contracts will be increased from the current 38 weeks to 44 to accommodate residents for the new, three-term academic year.  This is an increase of 16% in the residency period. To maintain affordability, the cost of... more...

Fees in 2018

Room Type Semester Accommodation Fee Equivalent Weekly Cost Standard Room $8,854 $466 Ensuite Room $9,956 $524 Understanding Membership of New College Residents at New College do not pay weekly rent, but instead an 'accommodation fee' for each semester. The accommodation fee covers the cost of your room, weekly cleaning and... more...

Payment Options

There are several payment options available for payments to New College. 1. Credit card.  Visa or MasterCard.  Credit card payments incur a 1% additional fee. American Express. Credit card payments incur a 3% additional fee. 2. Cheque A personal cheque may be made payable to ‘New College', and mailed to the attention of:... more...

Scholarships and Bursaries

New College has Scholarships and Bursaries to support residents of the College with specific needs. The New College Equity Access program is part of the College's commitment to building its equity-based scholarships and provides an alternative method of entry for those students who are entering or continuing higher education that... more...


Applying for Bursary Assistance Bursary assistance is available to a limited number of applicants each year who can show proof of disadvantage and/or financial need.  Applications are invited and will be assessed by the Master and Dean. A letter of application addressed to the Master of New College, should accompany... more...

Stuart Barton Babbage

The Stuart Barton Babbage Fellowship (postgraduate students only) The Stuart Barton Babbage Fellowship is available for residents undertaking a doctorate or who are undertaking postdoctoral work.  This Fellowship has been created to support the scholarship of an outstanding man or woman who is pursuing doctoral studies or post-doctoral research at UNSW.... more...

External Scholarships

External Scholarships A variety of scholarships are available for students looking to do postgraduate studies at UNSW. They are available through the university, at faculty-level and through other government and research institutes. http://research.unsw.edu.au/postgraduate-research-scholarships https://research.unsw.edu.au/unsw-scientia-phd-scholarship-scheme https://www.education.gov.au/research-training-program http://scholarship-positions.com/australian-government-scholarships-african-students-australia-2014/2013/09/28/ https://www.findaphd.com/search/phd.aspx?CID=AU https://australianrotaryhealth.org.au/research/current-research-opportunities/current-phd-scholarship-opportunities/... more...

Bible Society Young Scholars

The purpose of the Bible Society Young Scholars program is to promote Christian scholarship amongst those living at New College and NCV while they study at UNSW, Australia. Each scholarship is for an initial period of 1 year. It will include a reduction of $2000 in accommodation fees at New... more...

Apply Now

Applications to New College are completed through an online Application Portal. Click here to enter the Portal... more...

UNSW Student Accommodation

LIFE AT NEW COLLEGE New College provides the opportunity to be fully involved in the university student experience. New College strives to enrich the lives of students through its intellectual, social and cultural activities. Founded on Christian faith and values, the College warmly welcomes students of all faiths or none,... more...

University Support

  Entering a university college can be exciting – new friends to be made, adventures to be had, and independence to be gained. However, knowing that many challenges are presented to students when beginning university, support services of various kinds are offered to residents at New College. Resident advisors, academic... more...

Pastoral Care

New College is a close and supportive community. The Dean of Residents lives in the building with his family and is responsible for overseeing the resident student programs. He  oversees the pastoral care and academic support of residents, and co-ordination of the resident advisors. Resident  Advisors are senior residents located... more...

Academic Support

At New College, academic achievement is highly valued. The Master holds a doctoral degree and is actively involved in research and scholarship. New College Alumni have gone on to complete higher degrees at some of the world's leading institutions, such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and MIT. A high percentage of... more...

IT Support

New College is committed to meeting the IT needs of our residents by providing them with internet connectivity and IT resources unmatched by any other UNSW accommodation provider. New Collegians receive onsite IT benefits such as: 15GB of monthly data included with accommodation High-speed Wi-Fi throughout the building servicing all... more...


-... more...


Download the New College Directory New College (located at UNSW) is centrally located to the Airport (15 minutes), City (15 minutes), Coogee Beach (5 minutes), Maroubra Beach (10 minutes), Bondi Beach (15 minutes). Also close by, within a 10 minute walking distance, are a large number of restaurants and cafes,... more...

Catered Accommodation

The step from home into student accommodation at UNSW can be a big one. Learning to deal with new-found independence, a rigorous study load, making new friends and ensuring that work, social life, health and study are kept in balance can be difficult. Catered accommodation at Sydney’s New College can... more...

Rooms & Bathrooms

Residents are accommodated within a group of eight or nine rooms. Each group of rooms is linked to a common room with a small kitchenette. Each room is equipped with lamp, single bed, linen (doona, pillows, sheets) desk, chair, bookshelves and a built-in wardrobe. Each College room is equipped with... more...

Cleaning Service

Each week, College rooms and common-areas are vacuumed and fresh bed linen is supplied. There is also a laundry located on each floor, with coin-operated washing machines and clothes driers. In a community space such as New College, collegians are expected to take responsibility for basic maintenance of their common living areas and bedrooms,... more...

Common Rooms

New College was built for community and the group structure with group common rooms is an important feature in building the strength of community relationships. Each college group of 17 students (half male and half female) has its own common room, including a kitchenette. All common rooms face into the central... more...

Games Room

New College has a brand new Games Room and it is a great place for New Collegians to chill from study. The room includes a billiards table, a table tennis table, an air hockey table and a soccer table. A Games Room subcommittee of the New College Students’ Association is... more...

Courtyard & Balconies

The living areas of New College wrap around a large central courtyard. Residents’ rooms are located on four floors above the ground floor. The four floors are set in a rectangular orientation around the central courtyard, which sits above the ground floor. The courtyard is used for many and varied... more...

Student Accommodation

New College is a truly enriching option for student accommodation in Sydney, providing much more than just university accommodation for UNSW students.  Residents have the opportunity to become involved in college life through social activities, drama, sport, music and community service activities.  In creating small family-like groups within the New College community, providing pastoral... more...


As with all University Colleges, it is expected that residents of New College will take responsibility for their own studies. Nevertheless, New College provides a range of resources and support mechanisms to make the transition from school to university as seamless as possible.  In this section of the website you can... more...


There are a number of facilities and resources in the College to support residents in their studies. A general Resources Room (the Pollard Room) contains personal computers, printers, a scanner and photocopier for resident use. Residents are able to print to the resource room from their rooms through the in-house... more...

Meeting Rooms

New College has a number of meeting rooms that can be booked by residents at reception.   The Main Common Room (MCR) The Main Common Room (MCR) on the ground floor is available for use by residents but is also used for official New College functions and as a venue... more...

Music Facilities

The musical traditions of New College are as diverse as they are deep. Deeper than purple swirling clouds in violet haze set on a paint palette of blue and grey, in fact. No matter what your musical orientation, it will be valued at New College! Each year there are a... more...

Students' Association

The New College Students’ Association (NCSA) is an important body in the life of New College. The NCSA works with the College to provide opportunities for residents to be involved in many different social, cultural and sporting activities and events. The NCSA’s Mission statement is “To provide an environment which... more...

NC Productions

  Cultural Events and Activities A range of opportunities exist for our residents to pursue and share their cultural interests and backgrounds. Some of these include: The annual New College Dramatic Production produced, directed and performed by residents. Most of these have been plays but in recent years a musical has... more...


Since 1989 the residents of New College has produced a major dramatic production each year in Week 10 or 11 of Session One. Around twenty plays and a few musicals have provided an opportunity for residents to showcase their many talents acting, directing and producing these plays. From the list... more...


Each year, New College puts on a dramatic production in first semester. Often it is a play, and sometimes a musical. College Plays and Musicals are a great chance for the College community to come together to produce something great. Whether on-stage or off, there are many ways for Collegians... more...


The annual New College Revue is a significant fixture in the cultural & social life of the University of NSW. The Revue revisits the key events and personalities of the year both in College, the University and the world at large, offering an amusing and satirical look at events and... more...

Food Festivities

Food is an important part of life, and it’s no different at New College. Collegians enjoy weekly group suppers and Tuesday night College-wide suppers, but have also joined in with a number of food-based charity events, such as the Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser, or selling cupcakes for Oxfam.... more...

Social Life

New College has an exciting and full roster of social activities to help you get the most out of your university experience. The social life at College ranges from informal and often spontaneous activities such as Touch Football on the Village Green or a game of 500 over coffee in the... more...

Formal Events

The College provides opportunities for special occasions at which distinguished external speakers or former Collegians join us. Formal dinners are organised by the College on 7-8 occasions per year (Collegians are required to attend all dinners) and allow Collegians to share a formal meal and listen to a guest speaker.... more...

Just For Fun

The College is always alive with social activity. Students have their own representative organisation called the NCSA (to meet the team click here) who together with the college management organise various activities throughout the year. Just a few of the social activities include: Sydney Harbour Cruise Music performance night International... more...

Sporting Life

Sport plays a significant role in the life of many New Collegians whether they are just amateurs looking for a bit of fun or elite athletes. New College Sport The New College Students’ Association organise a range of individual and team sport activities. These include participation in the UNSW inter-college... more...

College Sports

Inter-College Sport Inter-College Sport is organised for residents by the Sports Directors of the New College Students’ Association. Team and individual sporting competitions are run between seven colleges of the University of New South Wales. Each year the UNSW colleges fight it out for trophy honours in each sport category.... more...

Honour Boards

On the ground floor of College, dozens of sporting honour boards show the great heritage of sporting involvement of Collegians. Each year new Collegians shine in this way and are honoured with their names added to the ever-growing collection of sport shields. WOMEN'S INTER-COLLEGE SHIELD RUPERT MYER'S  INTER-COLLEGE MEN'S SHIELD... more...

UNSW Sport & Recreation

Living on the doorstep of the University provides immediate access to all of the University sporting facilities, including the Gymnasium, pool, squash courts, badminton and sports fields. The UNSW Sport and Recreation is a department of the University of NSW. Residents of New College are eligible for discounted gym membership... more...

Christian Activities

New Collegians contribute to the life of the College, the University and wider society in a variety of ways. A significant aspect of the College’s activities is the presentation of Christian beliefs and perspectives on different issues. While being publicly and actively Christian, the College imposes no test of religious... more...

College Service

New College holds its own informal Christian services once per fortnight in the MCR.The services are co-ordinated by the Dean on behalf of the College Staff and the NCCF. The Master plays an active role in the leadership of the services with residents performing most of the functions that contribute... more...

New College Christian Fellowship

  NCCF is the resident group within College that co-ordinates many Christian activities. There is an elected committee that takes responsibility to ensure that there are opportunities for Bible studies, a variety of Fellowship meetings, discipleship and training, weekends away in March and August with a visiting speaker and other... more...

Bible Studies

New College hosts a number of Bible Studies for residents. These are open to any resident, whether they are committedly Christian, or interested in finding out about Jesus and the claims of the Bible. These small group Bible Studies are typically run on a Thursday night, and are a great... more...

Local Churches

As well as these fortnightly services, residents are encouraged to attend churches in the local area such as the UNSW Unichurch (which includes some congregations for specific language groups, for international students) and other local churches representing different Christian denominations. However, the College, places no religious test on entry and... more...


CASE stands for the Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education. CASE is an activity of New College, and exists to explore the importance and place of Christianity in today’s world. It carries out Christian apologetics—the activity of defending the Christian faith, engaging with other world views and attracting ‘thinking’ people... more...

New College Lectures

In 1986 the College set up a Trust to conduct an annual series of public lectures. This resulted in the formation of the New College Lectures. Each New College lecturer is asked to take up some important issue or aspect of contemporary society and to comment on it from the standpoint... more...

Service to Society

New College is more than just a place to study and live. Some examples of the many ways New Collegians have acted to make a difference, locally and globally, are: A team from the NCSA travel to work with children in the Bourke community and encourage disadvantaged children to broader... more...

UNSW Clubs And Societies

New Collegians are regularly involved in a wide variety of Clubs on campus, including a number involving service organisations. Whether through Rotoract, World Vision or a variety of other clubs and societies.... more...

Community Services

The College residents play an active part in serving and giving to society at large through a range of community service endeavours. A key example of this is Habitat For Humanity Global Village team trips which go in the Uni mid year break to build houses for people living in... more...

Community Involvement

Our residents volunteer as tutors in the Shack Tutoring program as well as helping out at Theresa house – a service for homeless people. Other residents have been involved in the Bread of Life ministry of St Michael’s church in Surry Hills that provides food for people in need who... more...

Charitable Fundraising

Collegians also support fundraising activities organised by World Vision, MS Society, Habitat for Humanity, Indigenous projects, UNHCR, UNICEF, Live Below the Line and Oxfam as well as many others. There are always new initiatives which residents bring to the community and new ways to get involved and make a difference.... more...


In the Media and Events section of the website you can find information about: Alumni events The New College Lectures Electronic copies of various publications produced by New College Links to social media sites relating to the New College community Current news from the New College community and news archives... more...

CASE Conferences

The Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education (CASE) aims to: Help people understand and respond to direct challenges to Christianity Provide Christian comment on societal trends, popular and intellectual culture Inform about areas of potential conflict between Christianity and the world Encourage Christians to engage thoughtfully in life and the... more...

Powerful Words

Saturday, 23rd September Audio of the conference talks is freely available here Chaplaincy is a prayerful cross-cultural ministry that focuses on the needs of others. Chaplains meet people at times of special need, loss and vulnerability and offer a safe place to explore issues of meaning and belonging. This conference... more...

Education as Formation

Saturday, 26th May  This conference grew out of the work of the Anglican Education Fellowship, and the conclusions giving shape to its book ‘New Perspectives on Anglican Education’. Its authors claimed that what we do in Anglican schools is meant to help the children we teach to take their place... more...

New College Lectures

Genetics, God and the Future of Humanity Sept 11th, 12th & 13th 2018                   Rapid advances in genetics, robotics and other sciences are challenging our understanding of what it means to be human. Can science resolve key ethical questions? What role does... more...

Previous Lectures

  The inaugural New College lectures were delivered in 1987 by Professor Malcolm Jeeves of the University of St Andrews, Scotland. In subsequent years lecturers have come from Australian and overseas universities as well as the wider community. The New College lectures are now in their 25th year. Many of... more...


... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/publications-listing/publications

New and Old

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/publications/new-n-old

Publications Catalogue

Books Theology & the Future: Evangelical Assertions and Explorations edited by Professor Trevor Cairney & Rev. Dr David Starling New Perspectives on Anglican Education: Reconsidering Purpose and Plotting a Future Direction  by Trevor Cairney, Brian Cowling & Michael Jensen (2011) Living by the Sword?: the Ethics of Armed Intervention (UNSW... more...

Case Magazine

Case Magazine is the quarterly journal of the Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education (CASE), based at New College, UNSW. Its aim is to encourage Christians to engage thoughtfully with the world they live in, and to encourage all to consider the claims of Christianity. It does this by presenting... more...


-... more...

Christian Fellowship

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/new-college-christian-fellowship-1


... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/revue


... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/uncategorised


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... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/fundraising

Formal Dinner

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Happy Holidays

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... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/development

New 'N' Old

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/new-n-old-1

New College Lectures

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/new-college-lectures-2

NC Lectures

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/nc-lectures

Short Term Accomodation

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/short-term-accomodation


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... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/musical

Postion Vacant

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/postion-vacant

Habitat for Humanity

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/habitat-for-humanity


... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/play

Community Service

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/community-service


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College Updates

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/college-updates


... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/news/lectures


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In this section of the website you can find videos, photos and audio that highlight the broad range of activities undertaken by the wider New College community. If you would like to add to this record, please email enquiries@newcollege.unsw.edu.au Recently Added Audio Downloads  2012 New College Lectures 'Imagining the Kingdom: On... more...

Audio Archives

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Photo Gallery

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... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/videos/all-videos

Casual Accommodation & Conference Services

Guest Rooms Single rates from $92/night With air-con, ensuite, kitchenette, study & television.   Enquire Now Small Group Conference Accommodation  Packages from $65 per person/night Single bedrooms with shared bathrooms Enquire Now  Large Group Conference Accommodation Significant discounts may be applied depending on the package chosen Single bedrooms with shared bathrooms Venue Hire ... more...

Casual Accommodation

Studying or working at UNSW or its teaching hospitals Attending a conference or seminar at UNSW Working in Sydney over Summer Visiting Sydney for a vacation New College and New College Village offers a range of student accommodation options to suit your needs- whether it’s just a place to stay... more...

Conferences & Functions

Lecture theatre Class room lessons Meetings or interviews Performances Informal entertaining such as barbeques, drinks & canapes Formal dinners New College and New College Village are 2 residential colleges conveniently located at the UNSW Kensington campus. The residential colleges offer a variety of meeting rooms, accommodation and facilities for your... more...

Conference Accommodation

Conveniently located close to Sydney Airport, the city, multiple beaches, restaurants, cafés, shops and parks, New College includes not only dormitory rooms but a dining hall, café, common rooms and meeting rooms. With these extensive and modern amenities, New College is ideal for use as conference accommodation during semester breaks.... more...

Catering Options

New College The Dining Room at New College can provide 3 meals a day for large conference groups through its self serve cafeteria. A café area with lounges and cable television provides a relaxed place for a coffee. Throughout the day and evening, meals, snacks and beverages are available to... more...

Venue Hire

Meeting rooms are located at New College and across the road at our postgraduate residential facility, New College Village. The colleges are on the UNSW campus and easily reached by public transport. New College There are meeting rooms of various sizes at New College. The Main Common Room is the... more...

Meeting Rooms

New College (2019 Rates)   Dimensions Max Seating capacity Rate per day Main Common Room South   200 $670 Main Common Room North   20-35 (70 max) $190 Main Common Room Combined North & South   350 $800 Board Meeting Room 7m x 10m 15-25 (40 max) $515 Pollard Room... more...

New College Rooms

Guest rooms Five self contained guest rooms are available throughout the year. The one bedroom apartment, single and double studios have air conditioning, a kitchenette, ensuite bathroom, study area, ironing facilities, telephone and television. The one bedroom apartment and single studio can be reconfigured into a 2 bedroom apartment for... more...

NCV Rooms

New College Village has a guest room and a double studio available throughout the year for casual accommodation bookings. More rooms - double studios, single studios and apartments become available during UNSW session breaks when residents leave for vacation. NCV is air conditioned and all rooms have kitchen facilities, an... more...

New College Facilities

Security Access into the New College is restricted by card access. test Reception is open from Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays), 9.00am to 5.00pm. On weekends and after hours, a Residential Advisor is on call to assist. Residential Advisors are undergraduate student residents on a rotating roster. Main Common... more...

NCV Facilities

Security Access into the New College Village is restricted by card access. Reception is open from Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays), 9.00am to 5.00pm. On weekends and after hours, a Senior Resident is on call to assist. Senior Residents are postgraduate student residents on a rotating roster. Housekeeping Bed... more...

Maps, Transport & Access

UNSW, located in the eastern suburbs, is just minutes away from the city and is easily accessible from Central Station and other major transportation hubs located throughout Sydney. Kensington Campus The main UNSW campus is located on a 38 hectare site at Kensington. With nearly 1,700 UNSW Express Bus services... more...

Conference & Group Enquiries

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/group-enquiries/conference-group-enquiries

Accommodation Enquiries

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/accommodation-enquiries/accommodation-enquiries


  2019 will be an exciting year as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the opening of New College! Over the last two years I have met with dozens of alumni from all five decades since the College opened. I have also met with with former staff and board members... more...

Alumni News

If you have news that you would like to share with the College or the broader New College community, we would love to hear about it. The following are examples of news that is shared with the College on a regular basis: Births, engagements & marriages. Employment appointments in universities,... more...

New 'n' Old Magazine

All issues of New 'n' Old t since 2002 are now available to download. View New 'n' Old Archive If you have news that you would like to share with the College or the broader New College community, we would love to hear about it. The following are examples of... more...

Alumni Association

Alumni The New College Alumni Association (NCAA) consists of Collegians from across 49 years of New College history. Today New College alumni hold prominent positions across the corporate sector in Australia and in countries all around the globe. Many New College alumni own and operate businesses. Others help run not-for... more...

Chapters & Reunions

The New College Alumni Association (NCAA) is open to all former New Collegians. Within the association a number of chapters have been formed based on generation and region. NCAA Generational Chapters 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s 2000-2005 2006-2011 NCAA Regional Chapters Sydney Chapter MelbourneChapter NewcastleChapter Hong KongChapter SingaporeChapter From time to time... more...


For those who want to put something back into New College there are opportunities to give through volunteering. The New College Volunteers Program helps the University by involving alumni and the wider College community in its efforts. Volunteers are recruited and trained to provide invaluable assistance and support in activities... more...

Honour Boards

Many people have contributed to making New College a vibrant and close knit community, strong in academic, sporting, cultural, social and community service activities. Honour Boards are displayed on the Ground Floor of New College recognising various contributions and acheivemnets that have been made throughout the history of the College. The... more...


Flash Back to … 1967 Building of New College began in June 1967, building works were conducted by “Mainline Constructions”, and several construction issues meant that by December of ’67, the building had only reached the second floor. Some of these issues included the senior partner of “Mainline Constructions”, Mr... more...

Merchandise & Memorabilia

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/catalogue/merchandise-memorabilia

Clothing and Sports Gear

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/products/clothing-and-sports-gear

Gifts and Accessories

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/products/gifts-and-accessories


... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/products/publications-1


... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/products/audios

Giving Info

Similar to any educational institution, the strength of New College is its people and the support they provide in many and varied forms.  Our biggest challenges include finding sufficient funds so that New College may: Offer scholarships and bursary assistance to make the College more accessible to students experiencing financial... more...

2018 Annual Appeal

As we move towards the 50th Anniversary of the opening of New College in 2019, there will be increasing pressure on New College scholarships and bursaries. I write to you now to give you opportunity to help support outstanding New Collegians of the future. Next year, the University of New... more...

Fundraising Campaigns

Donors enable New College to fund its vision for modernisation, growth and development. Donations can be made at any time of the year or annually to the Master’s Annual Appeal. Donations can be made in cash or by cheque /money order (payable to New College), credit card (Visa, Bankcard, MasterCard... more...

Gifts In Kind

Gifts and services in kind can include personal property (such as shares, real estate, life insurance policies, other tangible personal property) or services conducted free of charge. It is suggested that donors discuss such proposed gifts with the Master of the College. For more information contact the Alumni & Public... more...


Bequests are of great significance to the College and its funding. They are also a worthwhile and beneficial way of leaving a legacy for future generations. There are many options to be considered when making a bequest. It is important that the bequest can be honoured when the time comes... more...

Corporate Partnerships

The College is always seeking to partner with the corporate sector or other community groups and organisations to assist in funding its projects, especially scholarships.  For more information contact the Alumni & Public Relations Office on telephone (02) 9381 1999 or email:  alumni@newcollege.unsw.edu.au... more...

Fundraising Policy

Introduction New College is a not-for-profit organization that seeks additional funding and support from individuals and organizations. It is committed to the highest ethical standards in the way it solicits funds, keeps a record of donations and engages with donors or potential donors. This document outlines key principles and practices... more...

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New College is a not-for-profit company that provides accommodation and care for students at The University of NSW. Founded in 1969, the College is actively involved in the life of the wider University community. New College celebrates, and is enriched by the cultural diversity of its staff and students; welcoming... more...

The College

New College is a not-for-profit company that provides accommodation and care for students at The University of NSW. Founded in 1969, the College is actively involved in the life of the wider University community. New College celebrates, and is enriched by the cultural diversity of its staff and students; welcoming... more...

From The Master

Welcome to New College at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia - a residential college providing accommodation at UNSW. Since its inception, New College has always sought to be much more than a place to live. New is a rich community in which outstanding young men and women... more...

From The Vice Chancellor

At UNSW Australia, we are focused on providing our students with an outstanding education to permit them to pursue outstanding opportunities.  To that end, in 2015 I was proud to launch our UNSW 2025 Strategy focused on three priorities - Academic Excellence, Social Engagement and Global Impact.  We aim to... more...

Major Renovations

At the end of November 2011, New Collegians, staff and even the Dean and his family vacated the original New College to make way for the most significant renovations and refurbishments to be carried out on the building in its 42 year history. Blog: Follow the progress of the renovations... more...

New College Village

New College Village (NCV) is the University of New South Wales’ first residential community designed to be ideal for postgraduate and undergraduate students and researchers. NCV shares its name and similar ideals to that of New College at UNSW (which founded the NCV). This in turn takes its name in... more...


CASE stands for the Centre for Christian Apologetics, Scholarship and Education. CASE is an activity of New College, at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. CASE exists to explore the importance and place of Christianity in today’s world. It carries out Christian apologetics—the activity of defending the... more...


  New College’s mission is to bring about collegiality, academic excellence and service to society, founded upon Christian faith and values. Coat of Arms The description of the College Coat of Arms is as follows: " Argent two chevrons sable, on a   chief azure, an open book proper       between two... more...


If I have any other questions not covered here, feel free to contact New College via enquiries@newcollege.unsw.edu.au or telephone on +61 2 9381 1999. For other admissions-specific questions, visit the Admissions FAQ page.... more...

Contact Us

General Enquiries Ph: (02) 9381 1999 International Ph: +61 2 9381 1999 Email: enquiries@newcollege.unsw.edu.au Admissions admissions@newcollege.unsw.edu.au Conferences Functions and Short Stays conferences@newcollege.unsw.edu.au Alumni and Public Relations alumni@newcollege.unsw.edu.au Find a Staff Member Postal Address New College, UNSW Sydney NSW 2052 Australia Location 330 Anzac Parade Kensington NSW 2033 Australia Maps Transport... more...


The Residential Halls Committee New College was the outcome of 15 years of prayer, planning and hard work. The genesis of the vision that additional Christian residential colleges were needed on Australian university campuses can be traced to seven people who began meeting in Sydney in 1954. It seems most... more...


Gilly's Elevator New College is relatively young, but in such a short time there have been many traditions developed and events that are part of the folk history of the place. In this type of environment our residents will often attempt the unusual or suggest the outrageous. So when the... more...

NCV History

During the design phase New College Village was referred to as ‘The Post Graduate Village’ or ‘the New College PGV’. It was originally planned to have 250 rooms which was then upped to 313. In its first year there were 315 residents drawn from every continent (except Antarctica) and representing... more...

The 2012 New College Renovations

The most significant renovations and refurbishments to be carried out on the original New College building in its 42 year history were completed in early 2012. Blog: See how the renovations transformed New College Over $7 million in capital works were undertaken during the 2011/2012 Summer to perform major renovations at... more...


In just over 60 years, UNSW has become renowned for the quality of its graduates and its commitment to new and creative approaches to education and research. Its motto – Scientia Manu et Mente ("Knowledge by Hand and Mind") – encapsulates the University's central philosophy of balancing the practical and... more...

About UNSW

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is one of the leading teaching and research institutions in Australia. The University UNSW enjoys the reputation of Australia's leading international university with the largest on-campus enrolment of international students, and over 200 sister university partnerships around the world. The University is ranked... more...

UNSW Students' Association

Arc is the UNSW student organisation. The New College Students’ Association is affiliated with Arc. While the New College residential program is complete, the services provided by Arc are still useful for New Collegians, as members of the wider University body. New Collegians have been involved in Arc at every... more...

UNSW Sport and Recreation

Living on the doorstep of the University provides immediate access to all of the University sporting facilities, including the Gymnasium, pool, squash courts, badminton and sports fields. The UNSW Sport and Recreation is a department of the University of NSW. Residents of New College are eligible for discounted membership of... more...

Library & Bookshops

The UNSW Library is a key icon of the eastern suburbs and can be clearly seen from many kilometres away. The Main Library and the Law Library are another great option for some focused quiet study when residents feel like a change of scene. Library Locations Main Library, Kensington The... more...


UNSW is a safe place to live and study. As for any major urban centre, of course, crime exists and students should to take sensible precautions. UNSW Campus Security is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if it should be needed. The following information has been taken... more...

Medical Centre

University Health Service at Kensington campus is a medical clinic with Doctors, Nurses and visiting Psychiatrists and an Orthopaedic surgeon. Services are available for all UNSW, COFA NIDA and UNSW Global students. The clinic has male and female doctors and a well-equipped treatment room. Interpreters can also be provided. The... more...

Counselling Service

The UNSW Counselling and Psychological Services provides a free and confidential service to all students enrolled at UNSW. A range of services are offered to assist students to make the most of their university experiences, such as: Individual counselling Specific programs, workshops and seminars for skills development Self-help resources so... more...

Maps, Transport & Access

UNSW, located in the eastern suburbs, is just minutes away from the city and is easily accessible from Central Station and other major transportation hubs located throughout Sydney. From Central Station, take a bus: Eddy Ave Stand D: UNSW Express Eddy Ave Stand C: 391, 393, 395 From domestic or... more...


In this section of the website you can find information about: The New College Board Staff Residential Advisers Academic Tutors Caterers Jobs & Vacancies Life Fellows New College Students' Association Executive Team New College Christian Fellowship Committee... more...


The Rev. Canon Bruce Morrison (Chair) Mr Stephen Hodgkinson (Deputy Chair and Chairman Audit and Finance) Mr Malcolm Beard   Dr Andrew Boyton   Dr Lucinda Chubb   Assoc. Professor David Cohen   Ms Jane Paingakulam   Mrs Janet Simpson   Mr Brian Street   Honorary Board Members Associate Professor... more...


New College employs 21 full-time, part-time and casual staff, who support and operate the day to day activities of the Colleges, maintaining a positive and supportive environment for the residents. The staff team also provides first class conference & accommodation facilities. A/Prof Bill Peirson Master b.peirson@newcollege.unsw.edu.au A/Prof Bill Peirson is... more...

Academic Tutors

Every year, academic tutors are appointed within the College to assist students with their studies. Our tutors are typically senior undergraduates who have done well in their own studies and assist students in junior years through providing tutorials and consultation times. The Academic Tutors for 2018 are: Senior Academic Tutor, Daniel... more...

Resident Advisors

The College appoints a number of RAs each academic year. Their primary responsibility is the care and development of student residents. This care includes all aspects of working constantly towards a physically, emotionally and psychologically safe environment. RAs also assist with College administration out of business hours. The 2018 New... more...


Catering at New College is performed by Scolarest, which is part of the Compass Group. Scolarest employ 15 staff members who work in the New College kitchen and the New College Café .  Mr Daniel Higgins Scolarest Catering Manager Mr. Daniel Higgins is the Catering Manager overseeing day-to-day management of the... more...

Jobs And Vacancies

... https://www.newcollege.unsw.edu.au/employment/jobs-and-vacancies

Life Fellows

New College recognizes and honours those people who have served the College with distinction and who exemplify the ideals for which the College stands by conferral of the highest honour of “Life Fellow”. Life Fellows of New College The Rev Dr Canon Stuart Barton Babbage AM Rev Dr Bruce Norman... more...

NC Students' Association

The NCSA (New College Students’ Association) is an important body in the life of New College.  The NCSA, in conjunction with the College, provides opportunities for residents to be involved in many different social, cultural and sporting activities and events. The NCSA Executive elected for 2018 are: President: Hannah Beiboer... more...

Christian Fellowship Committee

NCCF is the resident group within College that co-ordinates many Christian activities. There is an elected committee that takes responsibility to ensure that there are opportunities for Bible studies, a variety of Fellowship meetings, discipleship and training, weekends away in March and September with a visiting speaker, and other activities... more...

New College response to the Australian Human Rights Commission Report Recommendation 9

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) was recently commissioned to undertake a national survey of university students to gain greater insight into the nature, prevalence and reporting of sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian universities. The final report was publically released on 1 August 2017. New College has moved... more...

Web Policy

In this section of the website you can find out all about New College’s web policy. Privacy Policy Copyright & Disclaimer Accessibility Sitefeedback... more...

Privacy Policy

Introduction New College adheres to the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act. It has adopted the Sydney Anglican Master Privacy Policy. The College and the Diocese of Sydney may, from time to time, review and update the Privacy Policy to take account of new laws and technology, and... more...

Copyright & Disclaimer

COPYRIGHT This site contains a variety of copyright material. Some of this is the intellectual property of individuals (as named), some is owned by NEW COLLEGE itself. Some material is owned by others (clearly indicated) and yet other material is in the public domain. Except for material which is unambiguously... more...


The New College website has been created to be W3C compliant and pages have been structured using CSS. While all pages have been created to coding standards that are W3C compliant, some 3rdparty services may render specific pages incompliant. If you are having trouble accessing content from the New College... more...

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New College would appreciate you telling us what you think of this website. Please tell us if you have: been unable to find what you are looking for; or are dissatisfied in some way with the New College website; or would like to see a change or addition; or would... more...

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