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Case 43 (2015) In The Flesh


Case 43 (2015) In the Flesh

Case 43 (2015) In the Flesh


  • Editorial: In the Flesh (Trevor Cairney)
  • Earthly Epiphanies: the incarnation of meaning and the meaning of the incarnation in the arts (Trevor Hart)
  • The Creative Impulse (Peter Stiles)
  • Stories of Suffering, Redemption and Hope (John Wyatt)
  • Three Poems (Peter Stiles)
  • The Perfected Body? Disability and the Resurrection (Vaughn Olliffe)
  • Do we have the ‘right’to sexual fulfillment? (Kamal Weerakoon)
  • The Body of Christ (Steve Brown )

Book Reviews

  • The Gospel of the Lord by Trevor Cairney

Back Cover

  • Poem: New Years Eve 2005 (Peter Stiles)
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