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New College In The Cricket Grand Final For 5 Conse...


New College in the Cricket Grand Final for 5 consecutive years

April 11, 2016
Posted by: Jacqui Willing, 14:48PM

Kevin "Oh Seven" Jacob playing in the cricket grand finalOn Sunday, New College played in the UNSW Inter-College Cricket Grand Final for the fifth consecutive year. While they were not victorious against neighbouring Warrane College, the team performed admirably under the leadership of gifted and enthusiastic co-captains, Michael “Kashwell” Joubert and Kevin “Oh Seven” Jacob.

With faces painted and spirits high, the cheers of New College supporters could be heard across the village green cheering on the boys until the end. Honourable mentions must go to Amit “Gilly” Chopra who was forced off the field with a split lip after a rogue catch and to Daniel Larratt for standing in on his behalf. Highlights of the match included Henry “Noddy” O’Callaghan’s epic fielding and Tim “Fazard” Davis’ impressive bowling.

A massive congratulations must go to all the boys for their efforts and to all those who have trained or played with the squad over the past several weeks. 


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