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New College Revue 2005 Was Brilliant!


New College Revue 2005 was brilliant!

October 19, 2005
Posted by: New College Admin

New College congratulates all those people who were involved in this year's Revue – it was a fantastic piece of entertainment packed with talent, wit and fun. To the directors, Fiona Goggins and Heather Champion, and producers Guy Inder and Brendan Da Costa a huge thank you for many hours of hard work and a great show. Also the back stage and tech crews and all the cast - well done. It was very encouraging to see such a huge number of the College community involved - just adding up the names on the program over 100 residents!

There were many highlights with 36 musical, dance, drama, comedy and song items and a Science Fiction short film over two Acts.

Notable this year was the presence of good political commentary. While not all would agree with all the views expressed, it was wonderful to see such clever and significant comments being made in such an amusing way.

Some snap shots: seeing George W. Bush as Mr Squiggle who's strings were being pulled by US Big Business (including Oil companies), and Immigration Minister Manda Vanstone’s "If you be good to Manda she'll be good to you" song and serenade.

Another highlight was the Science Fiction film Dr New which was a comedic take off of the Science Fiction genre including the ever popular Dr Who and the Terminator films.

Every item was extemely funny. The backstage and front-of-house workers did an extraordinary job. As usual, good New College innovation (like the data projector hanging from the ceiling), great energy and creative ideas helped to make this a great success which the audiences absolutely loved. So many people have shared how great a night they had.

Many people helped out afterwards dismantling the stage and tidying up – they have done an amazing job in a short space of time.


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