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Of Droughts And Flooding Rains


Of droughts and flooding rains

April 17, 2015
Posted by: Jonathan Billingham, 17:04PM

Natasha Atkins (a current New Collegians) is playing a key part within a small theatre company who are rediscovering quintessential Australian plays and musicals.

Summer Rain is set at towards the end of one of the longest and most difficult droughts and periods in Australian history (Christmas 1945). The fabulous Slocum Family Tent Show, limps back into a desolate drought ridden Turnaround Creek. They’re broke and desperate for an audience. Will they be welcome…..? Natasha plays "Lorna", a heavily pregnant women whose condition and development creates considerable communal tension.

More information regarding Summer Rain is available at ( but be quick if you want tickets!

Natasha is an enthusiastic member of the New College community and is studying (of course) music and media at UNSW. She has also been participating within NIDA’s open program for the past 3 years.

She recently played Queen Sahar in the NIDA production of 'Tales of the Arabian Nights'. Natasha was also director, helping compose songs and coach younger members.

Having loved music from a young age, Natasha has assembled skills across a diverse range of instruments (especially vocals) and was privileged to be selected for the Australian Institute of Music for her last year of high school. One of her present aspirations is to conquer the saxophone and join New College’s army of saxophonists.

(with thanks to Natasha (Diglet) Atkins)

Summer Rain


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