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Dive In To O-week Part Ii


Dive In to O-week part II

February 18, 2019
Posted by: Ash Braithwaite

The latter half of O-week at New College did not lack the excitement of the former for Freshers and Oldies alike. O-week may be the most intense week of the year, but it certainly never fails to be one of the best, with Collegians forming lifelong bonds over public embarrassment and much exhaustion. Check out below to see some of the events and an array of happy snaps:

  • Fresher formal dinner (ooh, fancy)
  • “Moister than an Oyster” messy games (the grossness is in the title)
  • Performing the Fresher Dance on Sunrise at Channel 7
  • Info, fun & games at “Meet the NCCF” (New College Christian Fellowship)
  • Trivia night
  • Harbour Cruise
  • Schoolies party
  • First College Service of the year



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