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4 Week-old Nc Band Wins Roundhouse Band Comp


4 week-old NC Band wins Roundhouse Band Comp

July 25, 2019
Posted by: Ash Braithwaite

The band "Dirty Movies" is comprised of six incredibly talented collegians:

(pictured, L to R)

  • Luke "Kenobi" Blanch: bass
  • Laura "Poise" Higgins: vocals, acoustic guitar and ukelele
  • Luke "Cornsilk" Morissey: electric guitar
  • Priyanta "Blues" Islam: electric guitar
  • Declan "Axilla" Kirk: drums
  • Zac "Bowie" Beckton: vocals and acoustic guitar (front)

Despite only forming about four weeks ago when the Roundhouse competition was announced, the group prepared a set of 5 original songs and delivered a polished performance during the first heats last Wednesday, July 17. When they were selected as one of the top 3 from the heats, they were asked by the judges to prepare a new set for the finals. Without batting an eyelid, the group produced an additional 5 original songs in the space of a week and were awarded the top prize last night, much to the delight of an energetic audience of Collegians and alumni. 

As the prize winners, the band have now secured the opportunity to spend 4 days in a recording studio and can enjoy a $200 Roundhouse bar tab together. 

'Dirty Movies' will be performing a selection of songs from their two sets at the upcoming NCSA Soiree Night. Zac Beckton will also be performing one of his original songs ("Fortune") at the upcoming formal dinner.

Congrats guys!

- Jacqui Willing


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