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New College Lectures On Church & State On Dvd


New College Lectures on Church & State on DVD

January 30, 2006
Posted by: New College Admin

A DVD Video of the 2005 lectures is now available for $19.95. To order this please click: download Order Form (PDF).

Two leading federal politicians and a leading theologian explored the important issue of Church and State in the 2005 New College Lectures. 850 people gathered over two nights to hear the Honourable John Anderson MP, Mr Kevin Rudd MP and Rev Dr Andrew Cameron. These three eminent lecturers explored views on the relevance of faith to politics. They discussed the role that faith does and might have in contemporary politics and has had in history.

From the 2005 New College Lectures we learnt that Christians need to engage with the state and be active politically. We also learnt the Christian theological basis for the institutional seperation between church and state. The lecturers also argued that Christians should be involved, not silenced in public affairs.

Christians have enormously strong reasons for defending the distinction between Church and State, and equally strong reasons for resisting the agenda of doctrinaire secularism, argued Andrew Cameron, Moore Theological College Ethics Lecturer in his first address at the 2005 New College Lecture Series.

In his lecture Separating Australia: Church, State and recent Aussie thought (click here), Rev Dr Andrew Cameron examined the origins of the idea of a ‘wall of separation’ between Church and State, outlined the Christian reasons supporting the separation, discussed the general interaction between religion and political life and explored what Christianity makes of the interconnection between Christianity and politics.

The State can not survive without the Church, argued John Anderson, MP, in his address at the 2005 New College Lecture Series.

In his lecture Church & State: the role that people of faith have and should play in politics (click here), Mr Anderson argued that Christian involvement in politics didn’t end after the formation of the Western liberal democratic state. Some have suggested that a Christian worldview has no place in the public arena and should be left outside the cabinet room. Mr Anderson disagrees: “I was never able to see how it would be possible, let alone wise, to do so. Logically, the presence of a worldview through which any individual assesses and understands the world is inevitable.”

Christians should be engaged, active and outspoken about the great challenges that face Australians today, argued Kevin Rudd, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, in his address at the 2005 New College Lecture Series.

In his lecture Christianity and Politics (click here), Mr Rudd commented that we need to work out clearly in our hearts and minds where and when the lines need to be drawn in terms of actions of the State when those actions breach fundamental Christian principles. He argued that the core and continuing fundamental principle shaping the relationship between Christians and the State “is that Christianity is always on the side of the marginalised, the vulnerable and the oppressed. This is one of the fundamental Christian principles.

In his second lecture Making it work: Proposals for Future Engagement between Church and State (click here), Dr Cameron argued that we need to distinguish ‘Church and State’ from ‘religion and politics’. He encouraged those present to accept that Christianity and the church has a role to play in politics and public affairs and urged the rejection of doctrinaire secularism. He asked non-religious people to stop forcing public figures have to hide their religion. He finished by urging Christians to get their facts right, watch their language and stop playing the ‘principles game’. Finally he told Christians to ‘have a go’ in the political realm.

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2005 New College Lectures Church & State 1

2005 New College Lectures Church & State 2

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To download past New lecture transcripts (PDF) or for more information on the New College Lectures please visit the New College Lectures page.


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