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New Opposition Leader Was A New College Lecturer



January 01, 2008
Posted by: New College Admin

There has been much debate in recent times concerning the role that religious faith does and might play in relation to the State. Mr Rudd spoke on Christianity in Politics at the 2005 New College Lectures Series: Church & State: exploring views on the relevance of faith to politics.

This important issue raises many questions: How should people of faith conduct themselves if elected to government? What part might their faith play in their actions? Alternatively, are we a secular State, where religion and church have no relevance and should be kept at arms length? To find out more, view transcripts of the lectures or listen to audio recordings (Mp3) please visit the New College Lectures page┬╗

The lecture series was video recorded and a DVD is available for purchase for $20.00. To purchase this DVD or find out more information please visit our online shop┬╗ or download the order form


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