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The Pirates Of Penzance With A 'new' Twist!


The Pirates of Penzance with a 'New' twist!

May 16, 2006
Posted by: New College Admin

A musical production came to 'New' for the first time last month. New College alumni, friends, the University community and general public attended New's first ever Musical production The Pirates of Penzance. The event was attended by more than 750 people over four nights.

To see a selection of photos please visit: Pirates Photo Gallery.

Each year the students at New produce a dramatic production in first session. Over the past few years these productions have been very successful and last year the decision was made to produce a musical for the first time. So the residents took on the task of producing The Pirates of Penzance. It has been an exciting time in College seeing the musical take shape and there was no doubt that the final production was a great success.

The was so much to enjoy about this musical – the music itself being performed by a 20 piece orchestra, the singing and performances of the 26 cast members, the choreography and acrobatics on stage, costume design, set design and of course the story as it is told by Gilbert and Sullivan. There were also more than 30 back stage crew and front of house team members who have been working very hard for the past 12 weeks.

Amongst the residents, and the audiences, there was a great sense of pride surrounding was something special and quite unique in the College’s 37 year history.

Not to mention the quintessentially 'New' adaptations such as the altering of a song about Queen Victoria to a song about a 'Dean'.

One alumnus commented: "I attended the production of Pirates of Penzance last night, and have never been so proud of New College and being an alumnus. The production was outstanding! The college spirit and sense of humour brought out the nuances of the musical, and it was evident how amazingly hard the group had worked. The enthusiasm and sheer joie de vivre, as well as the incredible detail and work that had gone into the choreography, the singing and the orchestral work shone through with amazing clarity. I was reminded and encouraged that the place I knew as an undergraduate as my home had produced such a fine, outstanding and commendable production, especially with the clever innovations to make the production entirely New College. Bravo!"


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