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New Portrait Of New College's Current Master



January 03, 2007
Posted by: New College Admin

The College traditionally commissions a portrait of each of its Masters. There is no prescribed time to have it done, however, given the current Master's attempts to catalogue, restore and improve art work at the College during 2006 it was decided to fill a gap on the wall of the MCR created by the re-hanging of the portraits of previous masters. The Master found artist Ann Morton after fortuitously viewing one of her works on the wall of her niece's home. The Master asked where the work had been obtained to which the response was "It was a gift from my aunty. She's one of Australia's finest portrait artists. If ever you need a portrait painted you should get her." The work of the artist was investigated and the Master was duly impressed.

Some four years later he made contact with her and after negotiations the painting of the Master's portrait commenced in late 2006. At a recent ceremony the artist was recognised for her impressive work and the Chair of New College Rev Dr Robert Doyle officially unveiled the new painting of Professor Trevor Cairney. This piece has a number of symbols and messages learn more.


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