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2017 New College Lectures Topic Announced


2017 New College Lectures Topic Announced

March 07, 2017
Posted by: Emma Nelson

‘Personal Identity’ will be the focus of discussion during the upcoming 2017 New College Lectures. The three night lecture series in September will be delivered by Dr Brian Rosner, who is the Principal of Melbourne’s Ridley College.

The lectures have been held annually since 1987. In their significant history, each year has focussed on providing thought provoking Christian content on a contextually relevant subject area. The topic for 2017 is a definite example of this with personal identity being a pressing concern in modern society. The lectures will reflect on the perceived simplicity of how identity was constructed in the past, through where a person lived, what they did and who they married.

Dr Rosner will compare and contrast this 'simplistic' formation of identity with how complex modern day personal identity is designed by individuals.

“In recent years, identity has increasingly become a personal project, enabled by social media to project a person’s chosen image to the outside world,” says Dr Rosner.

Over his three talks, he will break down different aspects of our ‘hyper-individualistic age’, asking three key questions: Who are you?  What defines you?  What makes you, you? 

The lectures will be held in the New College Main Common Room from the 12th-15th of September. Admission is free. Registration is now open at: