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Abc For Dinner!


ABC for dinner!

June 01, 2006
Posted by: New College Admin

Recently the Mid Session (1) Formal Dinner was held. It was an exciting night with Chair of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Mr Donald McDonald AO as guest speaker. Mr McDonald spoke of the challenges and joys of the media digital age and encouraged residents and guests with his advice about success and finding your direction. He emphasised that enjoying what you do in terms of work is very important to all aspects of life.

Mr McDonald outlined the role he and the ABC Board fulfills. He impressed the gathered audience with his knowledge of podcasting and audio-on-demand. He also impressed New College's Triple J listners with his knowledge of the radio network and its latest foray into music internet. He discussed how new media was changing the face of media product leading to a far more fragmented audience. The ABC has been fundamentally changed by the digital revolution. It has always been a broadcaster but its now a supplier of content on demand to people via the web. The web also means that ABC is engaged in publishing news and other content such as video on demand.

Mr McDonald addressed the audiences questions about the independence of the ABC, the ABC charter, the funding of the broadcaster and whether or not their would be advertising on TV or radio. He allayed peoples fears of advertising being on the broadcaster anytime soon saying that both the Board and Prime Minister are not considering it. Mr McDonald commented that the ABC board is exploring the issue of whether or not to make some audio-on-demand services on the Internet user pays.

Mr McDonald answered questions. One question was about Eddie McGuire and the challenges he faces as the new channel 9 boss. He said that Eddie's enthusiasm and energy would hold him in good stead, his obvious passion and leadership skills would also benefit him in his new job. Mr McDonald was also asked about the backlash when he appeared to endorse the Prime Minister on the eve of the 1998 election. Mr McDonald defended his actions and said that the complete record shows that he didn't cross the line. On a humorous note Mr McDonald was asked if he watched ABC and what was his favourite kids show!

To see photos please visit: Mid Session Formal Dinner.


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