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2007 Valedictory Dinner



January 11, 2007
Posted by: New College Admin

The 2007 Valedictory Dinner was held on November 2 at New College. At this dinner major awards were presented by the NCSA and the College. This is the opportunity for the College to acknowledge the contribution that many residents have made to the community.

The announcement of the recipients of two major College awards occurred during the proceedings. The annual New College Award for a significant academic contribution was awarded to Alice Lang. This award is open to nominations from all current New Collegians, the recipient of this award was decided by a panel consisting of the Master, Dean of Residents, Senior RA and NCSA President. As well, a second New College Award was presented for the first time to Kim Hoa Scruton. This award will be given annually to the person who has made the most outstanding contribution to the College’s other concerns of collegiality and service to the community. These concerns are identified in the College’s Mission.

The other two major awards include the New College Student Association’s Collegian of the Year Award; this went to popular New College resident Scott Parlett. The Mick Braund Community Service Award for outstanding community service went to Sarah Zardarwi.


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