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Prof Trevor Cairney To Step Down


Prof Trevor Cairney to step down

May 10, 2016
Posted by: Jonathan Billingham, 11:40AM

As only the 5th Master since the College opened in 1969, Professor Trevor Cairney has prioritized the building of community based on New College's mission to bring about collegiality, academic excellence and pastoral care, founded upon Christian faith and values. He has overseen vast transformation of the old New College building, adding a 4th floor and refurbishing the entire College. His initiative to create a second community on the UNSW Kensington Campus resulted in the opening of New College Village (NCV) in 2009. In announcing the news of his resignation, Professor Cairney wrote the following words to the current residents of New College and NCV.  

“After 14 years at New College I recently advised the Board that it was my intention to resign as Master prior to the end of my 3rd term. I am required to give notice 6 months in advance and I have indicated that my last day at College will be the 4th November. There are a variety of reasons for my departure. First, I am ready for a new phase in my professional and personal life. My recent appointment as President of the NSW Business Chamber offers a new part-time opportunity to contribute to the business community and will continue for at least four years. Second, I want to spend more time writing and being with Carmen (my wife of 44 years) and my extended family. Third, I believe that I can now leave New College in a very healthy state, with all the major goals that I set with the Board back in 2002 now achieved, and with many fine staff serving our two communities.”

“New College, and the creation of New College Village, have had a profound impact on my life. It is without doubt the most important work that I have done. It has been transformative and deeply rewarding. God has blessed me abundantly in this work. Hence deciding when to leave has been difficult.”

“The College Board will now embark on a search process for the appointment of the 6th Master of New College. Hopefully, someone will be found by early next year.”


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