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Meet The Ras For 2018


Meet the RAs for 2018

November 14, 2017
Posted by: Ash Braithwaite

After interviewing many impressive applicants, the Master, Dean and 2017 Senior Resident Advisor of New College put together a wonderful RA team for 2018. Let’s get to know them…


Sarah “Lorax” Clark (Senior Resident Advisor)

College Year (2018): I was in College for the first 2 years of my degree, then did a rural placement in Wagga Wagga for my 3rd year, and now I’m coming back to College for my 4th year. But I mean, did I ever really leave?? Apparently Arend saw me more than he saw some of the other collegians!
Studying: Medicine
Previous roles: Ball Committee member 2015, Bourke Community Service Trip attendee 2015, Magazine Editor 2015, various things in College productions, NCSA Exec President 2016, Inter-Residence Council Secretary 2016
Favourite sitcom: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is up there, as is Community.
Fun fact: I own two pet pygmy bearded dragons, Hercules and Xena, and a dog named MJ.


Harris “Amander” Loxton

College Year (2018): 2nd
Studying: 3rd year Medicine
Favourite sitcom: Community
Fun fact: I can identify every national flag. (Note: I'm not a very exciting person)


Eleanor “Neesha” Parker

College Year (2018): 3rd
Studying: Advanced Science, Chemistry major
Previous roles: New College Christian Fellowship (NCCF) Committee
Favourite sitcom: Big Bang Theory or Friends
Fun fact: I have a twin brother.




Mitch “Quack” Kingsland

College Year (2018): 3rd
Studying: Science/Education
Previous roles: O-Week leader, NCCF President
Favourite sitcom: Twin Peaks (1990) - definitely not a sitcom but I'm saying it anyway
Fun fact: I almost took a job as a Disney prince on a cruise ship instead of coming to university.


Nicola “Thelonius” Agnew

College Year (2018): 3rd
Studying: Engineering (Mechanical/Biomedical)
Previous roles: Front of house for NC productions
Favourite sitcom: FRIENDS!!!!!
Fun fact: I did international ski races in Italy when I was 16 and I have performed in the Lincoln Centre in New York.



David "Pipes" Wright

College Year (2018): 3rd
Studying: Arts (History major)
Previous roles: NCCF Treasurer 2017
Favourite sitcom: the Ashes
Fun fact: I gave up on my acting career after a particularly trying role as a piece of carpet in a musical.


Jacqui “Banaynay” Willing

College Year (2018): 3rd
Studying: Media (PR & Advertising)
Previous roles: President of the New College Students' Association 2017, Director of Revue 2016
Favourite sitcom: Black Books
Fun fact: At Christmas, I go home to Newcastle to work as one of Santa’s Elves in a shopping centre. Best job ever.



Benjamin Jesse “?egeR” Spratt

College Year (2018): 3rd
Studying: Psychology (Psychological Science)
Previous roles: Directed Play, Head of BoardSoc & NerdSoc, Leader of assassins week
Favourite sitcom: Scrubs
Fun fact: I was once payed to hurl insults at Singapore's most beloved leader on film, as part of the memorial 'The Lee Kuan Yew Musical'.


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