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Something New For The Ra Team In 2019


Something new for the RA team in 2019

October 29, 2018
Posted by: Ash Braithwaite

Each year New College appoints 7 Resident Advisors (RAs) and 1 Senior Resident Advisor (SRA) to help provide pastoral care and ensure the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of all Collegians. In 2019 however, we’re mixing things up a bit! Recently, 7 RAs have indeed been appointed for next year. However in place of an SRA we will have the position of Assistant Dean in New College. This change comes after consideration of the increased responsibilities the Assistant Dean undertakes. So let’s meet our new Assistant Dean and her team of RAs for 2019!

Assistant Dean: Jacqui Willing

College name: Banaynay

Studying: Media (Honours)

Year of study (2019): 4th

“New College is so…: extraordinary

Title of autobiography: Does Running Away from my Problems Count as Cardio?


Harris Loxton

College name: Amander

Studying: Medicine

Year of study (2019): 4th

“New College is so…: weird

Title of autobiography: Have I told you the one where...




Maggie Tugwell

College name: The Kraken

Studying: Medicine

Year of study (2019): 4th

“New College is so…: synergistic

Title of autobiography: The Life of a Maggot



Ben Spratt

College name: ?egeR

Studying: Psychology

Year of study (2019): 4th

“New College is…: pretty neat, would recommend

Title of autobiography: ?egeR to Please: Community Service and Other Self-destructive Behaviours



Hannah Dunn

College name: Fira

Studying: Science

Year of study (2019): 3rd

“New College is so…: dynamic

Title of autobiography: Been there, Dunn that

David Wright

College name: Pipes

Studying: Arts (History and Philosophy)

Year of study (2019): 4th

“New College is so…: grey

Title of autobiography: My Wrightings




Amy Healey

College name: Scuseme

Studying: Medicine

Year of study (2019): 3rd

“New College is so…: close to Maccas

Title of autobiography: Yours Sincerely, Amy Healey


Tom Su

College name: Ocean

Studying: Medical Science

Year of study (2019): 3rd

“New College is…: such an Erwachsenwerdengemeinschaft

Title of autobiography: Friends, Family, and an Ocean of Possibilities: Discovering Myself


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