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The Da Vinci Code: Is It Worth Believing?


The Da Vinci Code: is it worth believing?

September 12, 2005
Posted by: New College Admin

CASE Director Dr Greg Clarke didn't expect to spend the last 18 months lecturing on a murder mystery in 25 locations around Australia to more than 3000 listeners. But The Da Vinci Code phenomenon just wouldn't go away. "I first read the novel because a student said it would put me out of a job," Greg said, "actually, it has kept me in one." He has given his take on the novel in candle-filled churches, on university campuses, on ABC radio, in office board rooms, a Chinese restaurant, a yacht club and even a police headquarters!

Since May 2004, Dr Clarke has been discussing the novel's claims about the history of Christianity, as well as exploring why it is so popular and what it says about peoples beliefs today. CASE has produced a DVD and CD of Greg's presentation titled Convinced by Da Vinci?

To purchase the DVD Video or Audio CD resources simply visit: Purchase books, audio and video page.

A new book Is It Worth Believing? The Spiritual Challenge of The Da Vinci Code by Dr Greg Clarke has been released by Matthias Media.

In 2006 Dr Clarke will give a flurry of talks around the time of Sony Pictures' The Da Vinci Code film release in May, and then hopes "the novel will follow the path of most conspiracy theories and retire quietly". Until then, it is one of the best opportunities to explore and discuss the origins of Christian belief that popular culture has ever provided.

For more information on the Da Vinci Code material, visit


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