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Swinburne lecture on probability of the resurrection of Jesus attracts large audience

July 05, 2005
Posted by: New College Admin

Internationally renowned Oxford Professor of Philosophy Richard Swinburne defended his theory that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is in all probability 97% likely to be true before a large audience at New College, UNSW on Thursday June 30.

There was a great response to the Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education Public Lecture, which drew members of the public alongside academics. The lecture was followed by an open forum for those who disagreed with the controversial resurrection claim, with generous responses from both the lecturer and the listeners.

Summarising his book, The Resurrection of God Incarnate, Professor Swinburne used probability theory and logic in his lecture to demonstrate the rational nature of the gospel message. Swinburne's argument (which leans on Bayes's Theorem) provided an "if, then" series of propositions using the evidence of eyewitness testimony and other sources.

Despite stormy weather, around 130 members of the general public, UNSW faculty and staff, and others gathered to hear him in the New College Main Common Room.

To see reaction and a full media report please see the story on the Anglican Media Sydney website, visit:


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