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2006 New College Award Goes To ...



January 12, 2006
Posted by: New College Admin

The New College Award was instituted in 1988 by the then Master of the College Dr Bruce Kaye. It recognizes a resident who exemplifies the academic ideals of the College in terms of commitment and achievement, openness to other areas of study, a willingness to assist others, and intellectual inquisitiveness. It also takes into account involvement in and contribution to the wider life of the College, however the primary purpose of this award has always been to acknowledge that person who has embodied the academic ideals of the College.

Previous winners of the New College award include Rebecca Barnes (university medallist and now PhD candidate), Emily McPherson – also a university medallist, Richard Fleming who is hoping to study at Oxford University in the future, Wah Guan Lim who is currently studying at Oxford and Dr John Quinn who was given the title of NCSA Honorary Life Member last year. They represent a wide range of people in terms of their interests, courses, passions and involvement in College. All of these people, however, have exemplified this ideal in terms of their academic progress, commitment to helping others, and intellectual inquisitiveness.

This year’s recipient is no different having consistently excelled so far in their chosen area of study. This person has achieved academic awards in the past for their outstanding results and in 2005 he was appointed as a tutor having both a keen mind and a desire to help others. New College can’t take all the credit for this person’s academic success – he did come to College with a near perfect UAI. Yet since coming to UNSW he has achieved only distinctions and high distinctions in his studies. This is all the more remarkable given that most people studying the same course are typically happy to get by with a pass.

This person has been involved in many different aspects of College, and is well known within the College for promoting discussions about issues to do with Christianity. He is someone whose principal impact on this community, however, has been at the level of interpersonal relationships in which he has managed to form connections with a wide range of people across many different groups in College. As well as being a tutor for two years he was a member of a number of different sporting teams (prior to injuring his back), was a member of the NCCF committee in 2004, and despite being in 4th year medicine this year can still be found around College and at social events spending time with people from many different faculties. Those people who have got to know him personally are aware of his generosity with his time, his energy and his resources, both intellectual and otherwise.

He has been committed to supporting others in their intellectual development. As well as being a Shack tutor here at UNSW, he has also been a debating adjudicator for the department of Education over the past few years, has led bible study groups here in College, run discussion groups for people interested in Christianity and provided support for both Medicine students and Health Science students over the past two years. In his role as tutor he has been innovative, dynamic, consultative and trivial. He is held in very high regard by other medicine students in particular who recognise in him both the intellect and compassion that will make him an outstanding practitioner in the future. The recipient of the New College Award for 2006 is Chris Rowe.


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