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New College Lectures Formal Dinner 2011


New College Lectures Formal Dinner 2011

September 26, 2011
With guest speaker Dr. Greg Clarke

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Event Commences at 6:45pm                                                     

All current residents, Members of the New College Board, Life Fellows, staff and invited alumni will gather together to share a three course meal and listen to the New College Lectures Formal Dinner Address. The evening will also include entertainment by resdients of New College. The function will begin at 6:45 pm in the New College Meeting Room with a pre-dinner gathering of alumni, members of the Board and other distinguished guests. At the conclusion of the dinner there will be an invitation for everyone to retire to the Main Common room where tea and coffee will be served. Dress for the dinner is lounge suit and equivalent for women.

Dr. Greg Clarke was a resident of New College from 1987-1989 and later the Snr Resident Advisor in the 1990's. More recently he was the director of CASE (Centre for Apologetic Scholarship & Education) at New College. Greg is now the CEO of the Bible Society. 

Dr. Greg Clarke

Each year the College runs a very significant series of public lectures on campus. The series will be introduced at this formal dinner for residents and guests (as is the normal practice). Often we have the first lecture in the Scientia building, but this year we have varied our format by inviting three ‘younger’ theologians to come and talk about ‘The future theology’ as it relates to education, worship and humanity. The lectures will be held on the 27-29 September in the MCR. 

We live in age where faith and reason are seen by many people as in opposition. New Atheism has sought to paint a future where religious belief has no place. Matters of faith are seen as mystical curiosities without evidence; something to be confined to one’s personal life. Faith, belief and theology are also seen by some as an irrelevance in the university, the professions and in relation to public policy. In short, theology is seen as having no future. Our Lecturers will suggest that faith does have a contribution to make to our understanding of reality, the world and its future.

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