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Jared Pritchard Memorial Scholarship Launch


Jared Pritchard Memorial Scholarship Launch

March 29, 2012

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In December 2010, the New College community lost a dear friend, Jared Pritchard, a young man who lived with us for almost four years. While living at College Jared suffered a third stoke from which he never recovered. Over the 18 months that he was in hospital and rehabilitation, he was supported by many members of the New College community.

From an early age Jared was determined, witty, an extraordinary dancer, a gifted musician, fun-loving and well-loved. Sadly he suffered two strokes while in late high school. The second stroke left him paralysed down the left side of his body, necessitating the ongoing use of a wheelchair. Jared came to live at New College, as a fresher in 2006, while he was still coming to terms with his new physical circumstances. He studied a Bachelor of Digital Media through the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales and continued to demonstrate his incredible creative talent through creating short films, music videos, audio engineering for other musicians, as well as through various visual arts projects. Jared was actively involved in many aspects of College life including Fashion Parades, Revues, and short films. By his determination to be all he could be, he inspired many others to be all they could be.

Together, the Pritchard family and New College have chosen to honour Jared’s life with a memorial scholarship that bears his name. Rather than focusing on the memory of Jared’s physical disabilities the scholarship will be awarded to a resident of New College who displays some of Jared’s creative flare. The scholarship will be linked to the creative and performing arts.

An event to launch and raise funds for the scholarship will be held on Thursday 29 March 2012 starting at 6:30pm in the Main Common Room of New College. The evening will include a video tribute to Jared's life, reflections from his friends and mentors, and a special guest performance by singer/songwriter Andy Sorenson. It is the hope of the College and the Pritchard family that alumni, particularly those who knew Jared, will support this scholarship initiative.

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