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Scholarships and Bursaries

New College has Scholarships and Bursaries to support residents of the College with specific needs. The New College Equity Access program is part of the College's commitment to building its equity-based scholarships and provides an alternative method of entry for those students who are entering or continuing higher education that have experienced some form of long-term educational, social and/or economic disadvantage. The scholarships and bursaries in the New College Equity Access program are determined based on the following criteria.

The range of circumstances that may have contributed to applicants’ disadvantage could include:

  • financial hardship
  • difficult home circumstances
  • rural/remote isolation
  • English language difficulties
  • excessive family responsibilities
  • prolonged illness or medical condition
  • disrupted schooling
  • disability
  • serious family illness

Eligibility for consideration
To be eligble for consideration applicants must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia or a New Zealand citizen, and have experienced some form of educational, economic and/or social disadvantage and have been accepted for admission to New College.

Applying for a Scholarship or Bursary Assistance
Applications are invited and will be assessed by the Master and Dean. A letter of application expressing interest in the relevant award, addressed to the Master of New College, should accompany an application for College membership. Proof of disadvantage and/or financial need should be provided. Bursary assistance is generally allocated after the commencement of the academic year.

Undergraduate Scholarships and Bursary Assistance

Please note that in any given year, some of the scholarships below may already be allocated to current and continuing residents.

Jared Pritchard Memorial Scholarship Appeal

This scholarship is named in memory of Jared Pritchard, a very talented and creative young man who lived at New College for four years but who sadly passed away in December, 2010. The Jared Pritchard Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a New Collegian in recognition of their ability to contribute to the creative and performing arts.

The New College Alumni Scholarship
This scholarship is offered thanks to the generosity of Alumni members of New College. This scholarship is to the value of half College fees. The purpose of the Alumni Scholarship is to enable a student to enter College, who, for financial reasons, may not otherwise be able to do so and, as a consequence, may be unable to attend university. While the funds available do not cover the full cost of residence, they do cover a significant portion of costs for a student for the duration of his or her undergraduate studies while in residence at New College.

UNSW Access Scheme Accommodation Scholarship
In association with the UNSW Access Scheme, New College offers a half-fee residential scholarship. Additional to your New College admission application you need to apply to the UNSW Access office through the Student Equity and Diversity Unit (SEADU), according to their criteria, to be considered for this scholarship. Each UNSW Access Scheme Accommodation Scholarship is subject to an annual review. The application form is available from the SEADU website:

The Founders Bursary
In 2002 the Board of New College instituted a Bursary to the value of half College fees to honour the founders of the College. Each Founder’s Bursary (awarded once annually) continues for the duration of the recipient’s membership of the College as a UNSW undergraduate student, subject to annual review.

Bursary Assistance
There is also a limited amount of Bursary assistance available. The number of Bursaries varies depending on the need each year, but the value of financial assistance ranges from $500-$3000 per eligible resident per year. The assistance is offered to continuing and entering residents and is based on financial or other special needs.

Postgraduate Scholarship

The Stuart Barton Babbage Fellowship
The Stuart Barton Babbage Fellowship is available for residents undertaking a doctorate or who are undertaking postdoctoral work. This Fellowship has been created to support the scholarship of an outstanding man or woman who is pursuing doctoral studies or post- doctoral research at UNSW. It is named in honour of the Rev Dr Canon Stuart Barton Babbage, AM, the second Master of New College.

New College aims to build character in each individual who becomes part of the New College community. We encourage residents to seek academic excellence, serve one another and make contributions to the wider community. The College offers the award to:

  • support the growth and development of a promising scholar;
  • gain benefit from the involvement of the fellow in the life of the College;
  • strengthen the academic culture of New College through the work of the fellow and his/her support of, or involvement with younger residents;
  • enrich the College community in accordance with its stated Mission.

The Stuart Barton Babbage Scholarship may be available for a New College Resident, or an NCV resident, and will only be awarded when a suitable recipient is available.