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Previous Lectures

The inaugural New College lectures were delivered in 1987 by Professor Malcolm Jeeves of the University of St Andrews, Scotland. In subsequent years lecturers have come from Australian and overseas universities as well as the wider community. The New College lectures are now in their 25th year.

Many of the New College Lectures have been published in a variety of ways 

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Previous New College Lectures


Year Title Lecturers
1987 Mind Fields Professor Malcolm Jeeves
1988 Can These Bones Live? Dr Veronica Brady
1989 Constancy & Change The Hon Justice Keith Mason
1990 After Christendom? Professor Stanley Hauerwas
1991 History Professor Geoffery Bolton
1992 Environment Professor Peter Newman
1993 Beyond Self Interest Professor Robin Gill
1993 Religion and Current Science The Rev'd Dr John Polkinghorne
1994 Economics Professor Geoffery Brennan
1995 Beyond Science The Rev'd Dr John Polkinghorne
1996 Killing the Black Dog Mr Les Murray
1997 Men and Women - Constructed or Created Dr Elaine Storkey
1998 What is Truth? Dr Peter Vardy
1999 If Christ Came to the Olympics Dr William Baker
2000 Writing in Rights Professor Hilary Charlesworth
2001 Media Mania Dr Hugh Mackay
2002 The Rise of Global Capitalism Professor Craig Gay
2003 Living by the Sword: The Ethics of Armed Intervention Dr Tom Frame
2004 Science & Christianity: Conflict or Coherence? Dr Henry "Fritz" Schaefer
2005 Church & State: Exploring views on the relevance of faith to polotics The Hon John Anderson MP, The Hon Kevin Rudd MP & Rev Dr Andrew Cameron
2006 Children in the Spotlight: Issues in Early Childhood & Parenting Professor Kim Oates
2007 Morally Awake? Admiration and resolution in the light of Christian faith Professor Oliver O'Donovan
2008 God and the Artist: Human Creativity in Theological Perspective Professor Trevor Hart
2009 Bioethics and Future Hope Professor John Wyatt
2010 Music, Modernity & God Professor Jeremy Begbie
2011 Theology and the Future Professor John McDowell, Rev Dr David Starling, Rev Dr Michael Jensen & Dr Greg Clarke
2012 ‘Imagining the Kingdom: On Christian Discipleship and Action’ Professor James K.A. Smith
2013  ‘The Work of Theology: Thinking, writing and acting politically’  Professor Stanley Hauerwas
2014 Exploring the Territories of Science & Religion Professor Peter Harrison
2015 Taking Flesh: Christology, Embodiment and the Arts Professor Trevor Hart
2016 Jesus and the Ten Gospels Dr Simon Gathercole