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Pastoral Care


New College is a close and supportive community. The Dean of Residents lives in the building with his family and is responsible for overseeing the resident student programs. He oversees the pastoral care and academic support of residents, and co-ordination of the resident advisers. Resident Advisers are senior residents located on each floor who provide an easy point of contact for residents in need of assistance.

Resident Advisers

The College appoints a number of Resident Advisors (RAs) each academic year. Their primary responsibility is the care and development of residents. This care includes all aspects of working constantly towards a physically, emotionally and psychologically safe environment. RAs also assist with College administration out of business hours. The team of RAs are led by the Dean of Residents, A/Prof. Bill Peirson.

The 2016 New College RAs are (left to right):

  • Senior Resident Adviser - Emily Trigge (front)
  • Thomas Welsh
  • James Nicol
  • Dominic Cooper
  • Annabel Paul
  • Allen Zhou
  • Emma Dunn (Insert left)
  • Emily Hull (Insert right)

There is always a Resident Adviser (RA) on duty outside of business hours.

The duty RA and RAs generally have the responsibility for supporting community life and providing advice and assistance in College after hours. RAs are provided with training in how to deal with a wide range of circumstances and to provide advice and support to people with personal concerns. All of the RAs have first aid training and are able to provide such assistance when required as well as take people to hospital for additional treatment if required. The RAs also help to ensure that security in the building is maintained by working with residents to control the flow of non-residents into the building, and monitor visitors’ behaviour and movements.

The College expects residents to accept personal responsibility for their behaviour and anticipates that they will consider other residents' needs at all times. It may sometimes be necessary, however, for RAs to remind students that their behaviour is upsetting others or inappropriate. Residents are asked to comply with all requests from RA's as quickly as possible. RAs also act as wardens in the event of an emergency.