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New College Lectures


New College Lectures

Professor Stanley Hauerwas delivers the 2013 New College LecturesIn 1986 the College set up a Trust to conduct an annual series of public lectures. This resulted in the formation of the New College Lectures. Each New College lecturer is asked to take up some important issue or aspect of contemporary society and to comment on it from the standpoint of their Christian faith and professional expertise. These lectures have become an important public event and have attracted large interest and generated much discussion. 

The annual New College Lectures were given in 2013 by Professor Stanley Hauerwas from Duke University. The overall theme of the lecture series was  ‘The Work of Theology: Thinking, writing and acting politically’ 

Audio Downloads

Audio from the 2013 New College Lectures and an after dinner address given by Professor Hauerwas is now available. 

In the series Professor Hauerwas reflected on his own life and development as a theologian set against the work of other theologians, literary theorists, philosophers and ethicists. 

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The Lectures were held at New College within the University of New South Wales on the 17th, 18th and 19Th September.

Professor Stanley Hauerwas is an American theologian, ethicist and public intellectual. He currently teaches at Duke University serving as the Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics at Duke Divinity School with a joint appointment at Duke University Law School. He is considered by many to be one of the world's most influential living theologians and was named "America's Best Theologian" by ‘Time Magazine’ in 2001. His work is frequently read and debated by scholars in fields outside of religion, theology, or ethics, including political philosophy, sociology, history and literary theory. 

New College Lectures History

Many of the New College Lectures have been published in a variety of ways.

The inaugural New College lectures were delivered in 1987 by Professor Malcolm Jeeves of the University of St Andrews, Scotland. In subsequent years lecturers have come from Australian and overseas universities as well as the wider community. The 2005 New College Lecture series received much attention as it broached the important topic of ‘Church and State’ addressed by The Hon John Anderson, The Hon Kevin Rudd and Rev Dr Andrew Cameron (Moore College). Over 850 people attended over two nights to hear this landmark lecture series. The New College Lectures continue to grow and in 2013 the lectures were attended by more people than ever before with delegates coming from near and far to hear Professor Stanley Hauerwas.