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NC Students' Association

The NCSA (New College Students’ Association) is an important body in the life of New College.  The NCSA, in conjunction with the College, provides opportunities for residents to be involved in many different social, cultural and sporting activities and events.

The NCSA Executive elected for 2013 are:

  • President: Michael Babbage
  • Secretary: Bronte Richardson
  • Treasurer: David Jewkes
  • Women's Sports Director: Francesca Perrottet
  • Men's Sports Director: Luke Fox
  • Social Director: Damian Gill
  • Social Director: Emma Cohen
  • Media Officer: Ned Hirst

The NCSA Honorary Life Members

  • Mr John Davis
  • Mr Graeme Mell
  • Mr Michael Tidball
  • Mr Warren McDonald
  • Mr Jack Chapman
  • Rev Perry Wiles
  • Dr Ian Walker
  • Dr John Quinn
  • Dr Angela Barrett
  • Dr Rebecca Barnes
  • Dr James Pietsch
  • Ms Katherine Butterworth
  • Mrs Kim Hoa Rogers