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IT Support (NARC)

Another area of support is computing and the network resources for residents in the building. This is maintained by the New College Students' Association (NCSA) “Network Administration and Resources Committee” (NARC) which is headed up by a resident. NARC committee members act as computer support officers.

NARC committee members provide first level support for troubleshooting problems and issues on the Student Network and the Administration Network, PC’s, e-mail, Printing and other functions. If NARC cannot help you, they are authorised to escalate certain admin network problems to our IT Management consultants. NARC also maintains the residents’ internal intranet website.

NARC can help residents with

  • MS Windows OS installations
  • Microsoft Office installations
  • Connecting computers to the network once a “network account” has been purchased
  • Connecting to the student network
  • Installing Anti-virus software
  • Virus detection and removal

NARC can help guests and visitors

  • Configure computers for connection to the network guest account
  • Connect guest laptop computer to the seminar room data projector