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How To Apply

It is easy to apply for admission to New College. The Dean of Residents conducts interviews and considers applications in association with the Master. In this section of the site you will find all the information and documentation you need to apply for membership of the College community.

Where possible, we request that all applications be made using the online application portal. Two referee forms will also need to be submitted – an academic and a personal reference.

Download Academic Reference

Download Personal Reference

If, you have difficulty completing the online application, please contact the Admissions Officer:

Your application will be processed as quickly as possible (once all supporting documentation has been received and the application fee of $50 has been paid).  The application process includes a face-to-face interview or in some cases a telephone interview. A letter of offer will be made if your application is successful.

The College places great importance on the interview and hence all applicants are normally interviewed by either the Dean of Residents or Master. The only exception to this is for interstate and overseas candidates who are not able to attend an interview. In this instance a telephone interview will be conducted.

The application form calls for basic information and also personal data. The latter relates to your intellectual and academic interests, your cultural, sporting &/or artistic involvement, and your involvement in the wider community. This background information helps the College relate your application to the selection criteria.

There are a number of factors that are considered. These include academic performance, community service, leadership positions, and awards, cultural activities in sport/music/art and other achievements and special qualities. There are many more applicants than available places each year.

As you are aware if you have heard of New College or begun browsing the website this College is a special place with special people forming a strong community. To find out more information about College life browse Life at New.

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