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From The Vice Chancellor


From The Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor

UNSW is Australia’s first international university, enrolling significant numbers of international students since 1951, with more than 120 countries now represented. We have been described as one of the heavyweights of Australian higher education, offering an intense, rich tertiary experience for our students.
An important part of being a great university is the provision of a contemporary and engaging life on campus for students who come from all over the world. As such, the University values the many contributions that New College makes to community life at UNSW. New College provides a home for 565 UNSW students and supports them academically and personally to enrich their experience with us. New College residents contribute in many varied ways across the campus in areas like student associations and clubs, cultural activities, social action, sport and community building.
By providing a collegial environment for its residents, New College assists the University to attract students with the highest potential from around the world. New College’s distinguished alumni includes 4 Rhodes Scholars, over 70 University Medallists and leaders in business, government, the law, academia, the arts and varied professions.
UNSW appreciates the support and assistance that New College provides as a partner with us in the pursuit of a shared goal to deliver world-class education and a life- changing experience while at this university. You are encouraged to consider the many outstanding educational opportunities that New College offers you.

Frederick G Hilmer
President and Vice-Chancellor